Mercedes-Benz Antos

Jan 21, 2016
  • Both a specialist and an all-rounder
  • New engine generation delivers maximum efficiency
  • Safety-related assistance systems
  • Optimised workplace
The Mercedes-Benz Antos with a permissible gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 18  to 26 t and a gross combination weight of 40 t is at home in the heavy distribution sector. Its economy, safe handling and environmental compatibility are attributes that also enable it to score in the municipal service sector.
The product line-up includes two-axle and three-axle tractor units with four different wheelbases each, two-axle chassis with eleven wheelbases, and three-axle variants with leading or trailing axle and a trailing axle with twin tyres. The frame has a continuous hole pattern and variable extensions to facilitate the installation of bodies. Beyond this, the Antos is adaptable to the specific requirements of individual types of deployment. The option of an air-sprung front axle is a new feature.
New engine generation delivers maximum efficiency
The strong variations in regional topography and different loads call for a corresponding spectrum of engine outputs. The range comprises four six-cylinder in-line engines with displacements of 7.7 l, 10.7 l, 12.8 l and 15.6 l. The output ranges from 175 kW (238 hp) for light-duty operations as a rigid vehicle to 460 kW (625 hp) for heavy-duty truck/trailer and tractor/semi-trailer combinations. Maximum efficiency is integral to the new BlueEfficiency Power engine generation: All the engines combine lively response and very smooth and quiet running with low fuel and AdBlue consumption, and long service intervals of up to 120,000 km between oil-changes.
Mercedes-Benz takes the strain out of daily work for the Antos driver, particularly when manoeuvring at confined unloading points and in urban traffic, by providing fully automated and fast-acting PowerShift 3 transmissions with eight or twelve gears as standard. The sensitive sensor technology employed for gear-shifting ensures the appropriate gear at all times according to the given driving and load situation. To suit the engine and area of operation, a total of six transmission variants – right up to a variant with 16 gears – are available for the Antos.
Safety-related assistance systems
The standard specification includes the electronically controlled EBS brake system with disc brakes all-round, a highly effective engine brake, the anti-lock braking system ABS, Brake Assist and acceleration skid control. Electronic helpers support the driver in critical situations – from standard-fit Stability Control Assist and the latest-generation Lane Keeping Assist or Active Brake Assist 3 to a driver airbag. Mercedes-Benz offers various safety packs for the Antos.
Optimised workplace
With a width of 2.3 m and low entry, the Antos offers great sight lines, is agile and allows easy, safe entry and exit. The three-piece bumper with robust steel corners is suitable for even tougher applications. The ClassicSpace cab is available in short and medium-length versions. The Antos can also be had with the low CompactSpace cab. In each case the Antos driver benefits from a premium cockpit. This is exemplified by the driver-focused basic form, the numerous stowage facilities, the multifunction steering wheel, the exemplary ergonomic operation and the generous adjustment ranges for seats and the steering wheel.