The smart electric drive models in Berlin: "smart electric symphony" at the Festival of Lights

Oct 10, 2016
  • Head of Global Mercedes-Benz Brand, Design & Special Media Communications

Stuttgart/Berlin. Visitors to the Festival of Lights outside Berlin's Union Film studios were treated to a light and music spectacular starring all three smart electric drive models at the weekend. Staged by the internationally sought-after electronic DJ Chris Bekker, the "smart electric symphony" featured four huge Tesla coils and the electric smart fortwo, fortwo cabrio and forfour. The cars served as a giant mixing console, on which Bekker played a track specially composed for the event. The vehicles moved in time to the music and were electrified in spectacular style by flashes of light from the coils. Pictures and videos of the choreography can be seen on Facebook and on other smart social media channels.

"As a pioneer of urban electric mobility, this is a great way for us to draw attention to agile and attractive driving pleasure. With our smart electric drive family we want to 'switch people on' to electric vehicles and inspire them," stated Daniel Lescow, head of brand and product management at smart.

For the "smart electric symphony" the internationally acclaimed Berlin DJ and music producer Chris Bekker composed a special piece of music to feature Tesla coils and moving vehicles. The three smart electric drive models served as an oversized mixing console. By driving forwards and backwards in time to the music, they created choreography with light flashes from the coils, in which the "singing" flashes electrified the smart vehicles.

The "smart electric symphony" was performed a total of four times in front of the studios of the TV programme "Circus Halli Galli" on 8 October. Before and between performances, visitors were able to enjoy a guided tour of the studio.

Following close on the heels of the smart electric drive models' world premiere at the "Mondial L’Automobile" Motor Show in Paris at the beginning of October, the "smart electric symphony" was one of the first public events to showcase the vehicles ahead of their market launch.

Other effective publicity measures such as the "Electric Billboard" are planned. The market launch campaign will start at the beginning of next year under the claim “The new smart electric drive models. A big idea. Fully electric.” The electric drive models are designed to realise smart's vision of urban mobility, offering locally emission-free driving at an attractive price.

About the Festival of Lights

Every October for the past ten years, the city of Berlin has been transformed by light installations. National and international artists present works which turn the city into a giant stage. They tell stories, draw attention to special features and introduce cultures, arts and messages. Berlin's landmarks, historic sites, roads, squares, fashionable neighbourhoods and hotspots of the city's more recent past are showcased using light. The Festival of Lights runs until 16 October 2016.

Pictures and a video of the choreography can be seen on Facebook at: and on other smart social media channels.