Unimog: combining safety and economic efficiency all year round

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  • Economical deployment all year round
  • Unimog for winter service operations
  • Unimog for summer service operations
  • Municipal services solutions
The demands placed on the vehicles used to maintain roads and associated areas in cities and municipal districts are particularly high. Given the range of applications, such as mowing operations, winter services, maintenance work, cleaning operations, or transport, loading and distribution work, the local authorities need to be able to call on a comprehensive fleet of vehicles. But one alternative to this approach is to have a single vehicle, such as the Mercedes-Benz Unimog, which is flexible enough to tackle virtually every task thrown at it.
The "Universal-Motor-Gerät" (or "Unimog" - universally applicable motorized implement), with its extreme cross-country capability thanks to its all-wheel drive system, and a high speed capability on the road, provides good ride comfort and ease of operation, is faster and more fuel-efficient on the road, and above all is individually adaptable to any specific application.
One feature developed specifically for the Unimog is the VarioPilot transferable steering system. To suit the working conditions, the steering column can be moved from the left side of the cab to the right in a simple step. In this way, many applications can be handled by a single operative to save costs. In addition, as a result the driver always has the best possible view of the road conditions and work area. Switching attached equipment and mounted implements is also taken care of in the blink of an eye thanks to a quick change system.
The multitalented Unimog is also deployed with sweeper attachments, elevating work platforms, and mowing equipment, among other things, or simply as an economical means of transport.
The all-wheel-drive tractor units and implement carriers are available in a variety of model series, starting with the compact U 20 with an output of 110 kW (150 hp) and 130 kW (177 hp), via the U 300/U 400/U 500 models with outputs of 110 kW (150 PS) to 210 kW (286 hp), right up to the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 with outstanding off-road capabilities and outputs of 130 kW (177 hp) to 160 kW (218 hp).
Spotlight on safety
When it comes to road maintenance services, the Unimog is always on the right track in terms of safety. On the Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500, the panoramic cab with its deep windscreen provides optimum all-round visibility of the road traffic conditions and the mounted implements.
Retaining control of the vehicle in extreme situations is always very important. The Unimog's standard 4-channel ABS prevents the wheels from locking and keeps the vehicle steerable even under full brake application. The safety equipment fitted as standard – which includes automatic load-dependent brake (ALB), pneumatic dual-circuit braking system and two-stage engine brake – helps to ensure controlled braking characteristics even on road surfaces with differing grip, in changing vehicle load conditions or on downhill gradients, and can bring the Unimog precisely to a standstill.
Supported by ABS, the driver can continue to steer the Unimog even under full brake application, thus avoiding obstacles. And since the driver sits directly behind the front axle, and therefore in the front area of the vehicle, he is able to see the road conditions particularly early at junctions, for example. He also retains good visibility when operating implements mounted at the front thanks to the short front body section.
Economical deployment all year round
Thanks to the highly flexible implement-carrying design, several work operations can be handled in a single trip. Economic efficiency can be increased significantly thanks to maximum vehicle deployment at any time of year.
The Unimog implement carriers making up the U 300/U 400/U 500 model series, as well as the smaller U 20, can make use of a wide range of complex mounting and attachment areas at the front, in the middle and at the rear, as well as a host of advanced equipment and implements. Whether carrying out mowing, clearing, gritting, cutting, cleaning, sweeping or transport operations - the Unimog can be individually equipped for almost any type of application.
On top of this there is an efficiency measure which could prove decisive for local authorities: the clean BlueTec engines meet the Euro 5 standard and consume up to 40 percent less. According to a comparative study by the DLG (German Society of Agriculture), the fuel savings can be up to 13 litres per hour of operation compared with agricultural tractors.
Unimog for winter service operations
Classic vehicles for tackling winter service operations include the U 400 and U 500 implement carriers. Their reversing transmission has eight forward gears and, as an optional extra, also eight crawler gears. Driving at extremely slow speeds, a requirement when carrying out snow cutting operations for example, is therefore not a problem for the Unimog. The automated Telligent gearshift system from the passenger car range takes the strain off the driver and enables him to concentrate on the winter service operations.
Since the panoramic cab features a heat-insulating fibre composite construction, operators can continue to work in it comfortably even in the harshest winter conditions. The well-being of the driver is enhanced thanks to the programmable auxiliary heating, seat heating and heated windscreen.
Optimum traction and full tractive power on slippery surfaces come courtesy of permanent all-wheel drive, differential locks on the front and rear axle and, if necessary, snow chains on each wheel.
A convenient feature for snow clearing operations involving frequent changes in direction is the preselectable electronic quick reverse (EQR) system for synchronised forward/reverse shifting. Additional highlights rounding off the Unimog winter package include the front PTO shaft for snow cutters and snow blowers.
Unimog for summer service operations
The Mercedes-Benz Unimog can always provide the most suitable mowing combination when, in villages or on the outskirts of towns, there is a need to mow embankments, hard shoulders or verges, mulch uncultivated areas or dig trenches. The majority of tasks can be handled with a front or side-fitted mowing attachment as part of a one-man operation. One or two-man operation is also possible with two front-fitted mowing attachments. Even three mowing operations are possible in one pass, using a verge mower, a front boom embankment mower and a further embankment mower mounted on the drop-side body.
The Unimog is also designed for undertaking maintenance work at any time year. Using a branch cutter to perform roadside tree and hedge pruning tasks, carry out shrub and brush control or clear overgrown paths and tracks - these are just a few of the tasks which the Unimog handles quickly and efficiently.
The Unimog is also used for cleaning marker posts, crash barriers or road signs, maintaining verges or keeping roads and pathways in a good state of repair.
Municipal services solutions
  • Unimog U 500 with Weigel road-marking machine
  • Unimog U 500 with Gmeiner salt solution sprayer
  • Unimog U 500 with Mulag mowing equipment
  • Unimog U 500 with Dücker tunnel washing machine
  • Unimog U 400 with street-sweeping machine from Schmidt Winterdienst- und Kommunaltechnik
The wide variety of applications for which the Unimog can be used are being illustrated at Ifat Entsorga 2012 with a display of five vehicles sporting different attached equipment and mounted implements from Weigel, Gmeiner, Mulag, Dücker and Schmidt/Faun.
Unimog U 500 with Weigel road-marking machine
The PeelJet Unimog module from Weigel Hochdrucktechnik is designed as an equipment attachment for the U 400 and U 500 implement carrier series and is used for removing colour markings. The PeelJet module is driven by the Unimog engine's power take-off unit via an articulated shaft.
The PeelJet process uses a specially modified ultra-high-pressure water jetting method with a maximum working pressure of 2500 bar. Fitted with water-jet nozzles, the PeelJet assembly is mounted on the front of the Unimog using a standard front mounting plate and controls the position and movement of the working head.
All manner and types of marking materials - even markings which are harder than the subsurface to which they are applied - can be removed economically, without damaging the surface and with as little disruption to the flow of traffic as possible. The marking removal width can be varied between 120 and 320 mm.
Unimog U 500 with Gmeiner salt solution sprayer
The Mercedes-Benz stand is also displaying the Yeti 6000 L automatic liquid spreader from Gmeiner fitted to a Unimog U 500. The exhibit has a tank capacity of 6000 litres, a body length of 3650 mm and a kerb weight of 900 kg.
The Yeti L series of automatic liquid spreaders is available with tank capacities of from 3000 to 6000 litres. The automatic liquid spreader is fitted with 9 spray nozzles distributed across a fixed-position rear bar. The device includes an automatic control system which guarantees a constant spray width. The spray nozzles mounted on the rear are controlled via electronic control valves which regulate the spray width up to a maximum of 10.5 m. The spray dosage adapts to match the width and speed of the vehicle.
The advantages of the Yeti L series include effective distribution of the spray medium, the modular design with recyclable polyethylene tanks and the variable spray width adjustment for up to 3 lanes, which can be switched on individually.
Unimog U 500 with Mulag mowing equipment
As a leading manufacturer of mowing equipment offering a comprehensive product range for the Mercedes-Benz Unimog, Mulag is featuring a number of items at Ifat Entsorga 2012, including the MHU 800 rear-boom mowing attachment which can be fitted to the drop-side body or platform frame of the Unimog U 500. The combination with a verge mower produces an ideal weight distribution on both vehicle axles. This enables perfect use of the available load capacities, without losing any of the vehicle's driving dynamics.
The mowing attachment can be driven either by the power hydraulics on the vehicle or via the rear PTO shaft. The MHU 800 is quickly ready for use without requiring any particular setup, as the mowing head remains in the same orientation in both work mode and transport mode.
Also on display on the Unimog U 500 is the MKV 800 combination mowing attachment from Mulag. Thanks to innovative telescopic technology, it enables road signs to be driven over conveniently and also work to be carried out close to the edge of the road. The combination of a front boom mower and a verge mower creates a compact , efficient unit which enables two mowing cuts to be carried out in a single pass as part of a one-man operation.
Unimog U 500 with Dücker tunnel washing machine
The TWA washing system from Dücker Maschinenfabrik is the ultimate equipment for cleaning tunnels or noise barriers. The use of Tasttronic technology in conjunction with ultrasound sensors automatically helps to control the distance of the washing brushes to the tunnel wall. An additional mounted high-pressure water system, which works at a maximum pressure of 200 bar, guarantees a clean result without having to use any chemicals. When it comes to cleaning road signs, markers or crash barriers, different shapes of brush can be used.
The TWA 18 tunnel washing system is available with a working width of 1.80 m, while the TWA 21 has a working width of 2.10 m. Working heights of up to 8.50 m are possible. The brushes rotate at speeds of from 200 to 300 rpm. The 1.0 m-diameter brush also enables dome-shaped tunnels to be cleaned.
Unimog U 400 with street-sweeping machine from Schmidt Winterdienst- und Kommunaltechnik
Schmidt Winterdienst- und Kommunaltechnik provides street-sweeping machines for a variety of different applications in the street cleaning sector. Visitors to the trade show in Munich are able to see the SK 350 body-mounted street-sweeping machine fitted to a Unimog U 400. The SK series of swap-body street-sweeping machines is intended for use in inner-city areas and on residential streets, as well as in industrial areas. Schmidt has designed these models specifically for mounting on Unimog vehicles.
The body-mounted street-sweeping machine consists of a waster container, the sweeping and receiving unit and also the feeder roller brush. Quick-release couplings for the compressed air, power, water and hydraulic lines enable quick mounting and removal of the sweeping machine. The 700 mm circular broom and the 1500 mm-wide feeder roller provide a total sweeping width of 2200 mm. The high-performance compressor develops optimum suction power and vents the exhaust air to the outside at a reduced noise level.

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