Automotive excitement for five million visitors

Automotive excitement for five million visitors
February 2013
On this Friday the Mercedes-Benz Museum is celebrating a spectacular anniversary. Michael Bock, the museum's director, welcomed the five-millionth visitor personally: it was Angelika Hummel with her husband Wolfgang Hummel, both from Winnenden near Stuttgart.
For 55-year-old Angelika, who was visiting the museum with her husband, it was a huge surprise when Michael Bock, Head of the Mercedes-Benz Museum and of Mercedes-Benz Classic, greeted the couple in person and granted them free admission. As a special token of appreciation he presented them with a voucher for the Mercedes-Benz "Star Nights" and the new comic about the life of Carl Benz. For the couple it was the icing on the cake of a relaxing week spent at home.
"After the positive annual financial statement of 2012 we are delighted to give you the next piece of good news about the number of visitors we have had," said Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic. "The fact that in around seven years we have had five million visitors to the Mercedes-Benz Museum has far surpassed our highest expectations. This encouraging figure shows that our exhibition layout combined with special exhibitions and events is what people want to see. The next events on the agenda are: the Star Nights culinary series and the Long Museum Night."
Visitor statistics from previous years show the positive development: five months after it had opened, 500,000 visitors had been recorded at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. In June 2007 there had been a million, in September 2008 two million and in April 2010 the museum had seen three million guests. The four-millionth visitor was welcomed in October 2011 and by the end of 2012 the museum had had about 4.9 million visitors.

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