Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Jan 21, 2016
  • Versatile and environmentally friendly
  • Disaster relief and road maintenance services
  • Ergonomic working area
  • New technical features
  • Partnership with bodybuilders and implement manufacturers intensified
  • Deployment for water management and winter service
The Unimog family is divided into the all-terrain Unimog and the Unimog implement carriers. Among the Unimog implement carriers, the Unimog U 216/U 218 takes on the role of the entry-level model. The Unimog model series U 318 to U 530 implement carriers are characterised by their tremendous efficiency. These vehicles are extremely capable and manoeuvrable, allowing municipal applications throughout the year.
If extreme off-road capabilities and versatility are called for at the same time, then all roads tend to lead to the all-terrain Unimog U 4023/U 5023. It is the off-road legend with outstanding handling in all off-road terrain. With a perm. GVW of up to 14.5 t (U 5023), an engine output of 170 kW (231 hp) from a displacement of 5.1 l and up to 16 forward and 14 reverse gears, the all-terrain Unimog satisfies all demands.
Three four-cylinder and two six-cylinder variants of the OM 934 and OM 936 engine series are available for the Unimog implement carrier series, covering an output range from 115 kW (156 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp) with displacements of 5.1 l and 7.7 l.
Disaster relief and road maintenance services
A Unimog for special requirements is now available for public services and disaster relief work: the Unimog U 5023 is the first model from the all-terrain Unimog model series to be equipped with a municipal hydraulic system. This system allows the control and operation of a variety of carried and mounted implements such as automatic spreaders and a snowplough. The vehicle is particularly suitable for use by works depots in cities and communities at risk of flooding. Thanks to its fording capability of up to 1.2 m, and in addition to its classic assignments in road maintenance services, the Unimog can also be used to render technical assistance or for rescue operations in flooded areas. This "dual use" concept was awarded a silver medal for outstanding new and further developments at the recent Demopark show.
Ergonomic working area with excellent visibility
The implement carriers in the Unimog series provide a particularly good view of front-mounted implements thanks to the "high-visibility cab" with a particularly large panoramic windscreen, and this is improved even further by the new camera/monitor system. Daytime driving headlamps are integrated into the bumpers, and the windscreen wipers are mounted above the windscreen so that they can also clear larger amounts of snow in winter service. The interior with a new instrument cluster, multifunction steering wheel, adjustable steering column and the pitman arm for the driving functions greatly contributes to the driving comfort. The removable joystick serves to control the hydraulics and also offers other functions such as reversing in the course of daily operations.The seat position behind the front axle and the cab mounting allow very comfortable driving, especially in off-road operations. Here the driver can easily set a preconfigured tyre pressure at the press of a button and thus adapt the traction and floor pressure optimally to the ground thanks to the Tirecontrol plus tyre pressure control system. "Road", "Sand" and "Rough road" are available for selection.
All-wheel steering
To widen the range of applications for the Unimog even further, Mercedes-Benz offers four-wheel steering for the Unimog U 423 to U 530 implement carriers ex factory. This allows four different steering modes: Normal steering with the front wheels, four-wheel steering with all the wheels at the same angle, "dogleg steering" for diagonal travel and manual steering of the rear wheels. This reduces the turning circle by up to 20 percent, improving the vehicle's manoeuvrability in all operating situations.
Preinstallation for body-mounted road sweepers is also available ex factory. This makes work easier for the body manufacturer. The Unimog is also available with a rear-mounted pto ex factory. This makes the full engine output available, further increasing the range of potential uses. A new lighting package as additional equipment improves the lighting conditions when driving and using implements. It comprises height-adjustable auxiliary headlamps on the A-pillars, LED long-range headlamps on the roof, attachments for further working lamps and xenon main headlamps in the front bumper. The latter are linked to a headlamp cleaning system.
Another innovative highlight offered by the Unimog implement carrier is the optionally available EasyDrive continuously variable traction drive. The synergy between hydrostatic drive and manual transmission makes it possible to change systems on the fly to match the precise application at hand. The new Unimog hydrostatic drive now permits speeds of up to 50 km/h – the hydrostatic power has been increased by 20%.
The new hydraulic system operates sensitively and precisely – together with a 30% increase in output. This means that mounted implements are controlled particularly sensitively. The front pto shaft now transfers power outputs up to a maximum of 160 kW.
Partnership with bodybuilders and implement manufacturers intensified
Where the Unimog is concerned, Mercedes-Benz traditionally cooperates very closely with bodybuilders and implement manufacturers. With the "It's better together" scheme, Mercedes-Benz has taken this working relationship to a new, higher level and launched two new partner levels, "UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz" and "Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner". They serve as a yardstick and seal of approval for customers.
Throughout the world 270 bodybuilders and implement manufacturers are listed for the Unimog in the bodybuilder portal. As a first stage they can qualify themselves as a "UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz". The basis for assessment is an extensive range of requirements covering sales, service, quality and technology. For the "Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner" the cooperation also includes joint appearances at trade shows.
Deployment for water management and winter service
Visitors to the IFAT 2016 show in Munich can find out about two application areas for the Unimog on the Mercedes-Benz stand. A particularly robust version of the Unimog U 430 with a front-mounted mulcher by Mulag and a special platform plus a frame-mounted cable winch with rear extension and slope support by forestry specialist Schlang & Reichart shows the possible applications in water management.
The second exhibit, a Unimog U 530 as the largest model in the implement series, is on display as a professional winter service vehicle for Alpine regions. For operations with an FS 105 snow blower by Schmidt, the Unimog is equipped with hydrostatic drive, a mechanical front-mounted pto and four-wheel steering to further improve manoeuvrability. Also included in the equipment is a four cubic metre flat-hopper wet salt spreader mounted on the Unimog's ball points.
Unimog implement carrier in municipal application, road-sweeper, transportation, absorber
Unimog for heavy cross country work, Euro VI, interior, dashboard
Mercedes-Benz Unimog, interior