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FleetBoard "App your Truck": interactive gaming app for IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

FleetBoard "App your Truck": interactive gaming app for IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

Sep 15, 2016
  • "App your Truck" invites users to take part in a virtual hunt for FleetBoard services and the first 14 apps from the new FleetBoard Store
  • IAA challenge: AMG Racetrack Basic Training for the player with the highest number of points
  • Digitalisation of the truck through augmented reality game 

Stuttgart – Daimler FleetBoard will celebrate the world premiere of the new FleetBoard Store for apps at the IAA International Commercial Vehicles 2016. The launch will include prototypes of 14 apps. To coincide with the world premiere Daimler FleetBoard is offering visitors to the IAA the opportunity to get to know all of the apps as well as other FleetBoard services in a playful manner. With the interactive "App your Truck" gaming app, the services and apps can be discovered and collected in the vicinity of the Mercedes-Benz show stand (hall 14/15) in Hanover. And it is worthwhile taking part: the player with the most points at the end of the trade fair wins an AMG Racetrack Basic Training to lay the foundations for safely controlling high-performance vehicles and have the opportunity to experience laps on a race track for the first time.

"App your Truck" invites players on a virtual hunt

"App Your Truck" is an interactive gaming app with which players can go on an app hunt at the Daimler IAA trade fair stand using augmented reality, and in a subsequent step can "digitalise the truck". The goal is to enlighten visitors to the commercial vehicle show in a fun way about the continual digitalisation and networking of the truck, which FleetBoard is actively promoting. From 22 to 29 September 2016, the various apps from the FleetBoard Store will be hidden digitally in the vicinity of the show stand, waiting to be discovered by visitors. "App Your Truck" uses the camera and bluetooth functionality of the smartphone and shows various apps which are located nearby via a digital radar. Users are able to navigate to the apps using the radar and then add them to their digital collection. All of the apps found will become available to users in the "FleetBoard App Collection", enabling them to discover more information about the advantages and functionality of each app at any time.

Digitalisation of the truck through augmented reality

As soon as an app is found at the Daimler trade fair stand via smartphone, a game sequence begins in which the goal is to install the discovered app on as many virtual trucks as possible. The user does this by dragging the app icon onto trucks which drive across the screen at varying speeds. Points are awarded for each truck which is digitalised in this way, as well as for collecting the app. The game symbolises the essence of the new FleetBoard Store: the truck is digitalised by loading apps onto it. Users can check their current ranking at any time on the app's list of high scores. As soon as the IAA Commercial Vehicles begins on 22 September 2016, visitors who have a smartphone with camera and bluetooth functionality will be able to download the "FleetBoard App your Truck" app free of charge via the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store and register using their email address and user name.