Coffee to drive – 222,222nd new Sprinterdelivered to the Dallmayr company

Coffee to drive – 222,222nd new Sprinterdelivered to the Dallmayr company
November 2014
  • The milestone Sprinter was handed over in Munich and will be used by the customer services team for coffee vending machines
  • The vans used by this tradition-steeped specialist coffee supplier can cover up to 30,000 km a year
  • As Dallmayr managing partner Wolfgang Wille says: "It's the total package that counts. And they've got that just right!"
First van to be fitted with eco-friendly Euro VI engines, outstanding fuel consumption of just 6.3 l/100 km thanks to a comprehensive package of efficiency measures, five new safety equipment features including the standard-specification Crosswind Assist, extremely attractive design: last year,Mercedes-Benz introduced the best Sprinter ever to the market. The first vehicles were handed over in the autumn of 2013. Now the 222,222nd new Sprinter has been passed into customer hands: to the long-established specialist coffee company Dallmayr, in Munich.
The milestone Sprinter will boost the fleet of Dallmayr Vending & Office
The milestone vehicle is a new Sprinter 213 CDI with medium-length wheelbase. Painted in white, the van brings immediate reinforcement to the fleet of Dallmayr Vending & Office. The company, a subsidiary of Alois Dallmayr KG, manages more than 60,000 coffee vending machines – in Germany as well as in more than a dozen other countries.
In Germany alone, a team of several hundred refill technicians, as they are called, is responsible for restocking, maintaining and servicing the machines. These are to be found in large corporations as well as medium-sized companies, but also in doctors' surgeries and public buildings such as universities. Many of the staff travel to visit their customers in a Mercedes-Benz van: perhaps in a Citan or Vito, but most often in a Sprinter. All in all, some 300 vans with the three-pointed star on their bonnet are out on the road each day. The 222,222nd new Sprinter operates out of Dallmayr's offices in the city of Bayreuth.
Wolfgang Wille: "It's the total package that counts. And Mercedes-Benz have got that just right"
"When you're buying a van, you have to think about far more than just the initial outlay", said Wolfgang Wille, one of the two managing partners of Alois Dallmayr KG, after the milestone vehicle had been handed over. "What also counts is the fuel consumption, the capacity, the reliability, the resale value and the proven good service from Mercedes-Benz. It's the total package that counts. And Mercedes-Benz have got that just right!"
A refill technician can cover as much as 30,000 km in a year in one of these vans. "So the vehicles have to be safe – which they are", added Joachim Höh, managing director of Dallmayr Vending & Office. This high level of safety can be attributed, not least, to the new standard-fit Crosswind Assist system. Its sensors detect forces acting on the vehicle from buffeting crosswinds. Through brake actuation via ESP at the wheels of the vehicle side facing the wind, a yaw motion develops and counteracts the crosswind interference.
Kirsten Ehrlich is the member of the Mercedes-Benz Retail Germany management board responsible for sales of new vans: "We are very proud to have been able to hand over the 222,222nd new Sprinter, only a year or so after the first vehicle was delivered." Ulrich Kowalewski, director of the Mercedes-Benz company-owned sales and service outlet in Munich, added: "We are particularly delighted that this milestone vehicle has gone to our long-standing customer Dallmayr."

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Milestone van: the 222,222nd new Sprinter recently took up operations for coffee specialists Dallmayr and is seen here outside the long-established company´s headquarters in Munich
Capacity counts: the new Sprinter in use with Dallmayr Vending & Office, a subsidiary company that manages tens of thousands of coffee vending machines
Close cooperation (from l to r): Thomas Kretzschmar, member of the management board of the Mercedes-Benz Munich sales and service outlet; Kirsten Ehrlich, member of the management board of Mercedes-Benz Retail Germany; Wolfgang Wille, managing partner of Alois Dallmayr KG; Ulrich Kowalewski, director at the Mercedes-Benz Munich sales and service outlet; Joachim Höh, managing director of Dallmayr Vending & Office
The total package is just right: The team at Dallmayr value the Sprinter for its exceptional safety, but also for such factors as its low fuel consumption, reliability and high resale value