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Actros SLT and Arocs SLT: Redefining heavy haulage

Sep 23, 2014
  • Made-to-measure heavy-duty tractor unit – ready for any application
  • Top-of-the-range engine: Mercedes-Benz OM 473 developing 3000 Nm
  • Power transmission: the only heavy-duty tractor with 16 gears
  • Turbo retarder clutch: unique start-up and braking system
The new SLT heavy-haulage vehicle is a high-calibre specialist developed by Mercedes-Benz to meet the requirements of this highly demanding transport segment. Customers opting for the new heavy-haulage vehicle benefit from highly specialised vehicles produced by a single manufacturer with perfectly coordinated components: engine, transmission and axles all bear the Mercedes star.
Made-to-measure heavy-duty tractor unit – ready for any application
Mercedes-Benz is producing the new heavy-haulage vehicle in numerous variants. An outstanding proposition on all fronts is the air-sprung Actros SLT with the spacious GigaSpace and BigSpace cabs measuring 2.5 m in width. The steel-sprung Arocs SLT based on the particularly robust Arocs Grounder is also available with the BigSpace cab as well as the StreamSpace cab measuring 2.3 m in width.
Customers can choose from a wide product range. The air-sprung Actros SLT is available as a 6x4 and 8x4 version, while the steel-sprung Arocs SLT comes as a 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x6 or an 8x8 truck. The mainstay is four-axle variants with a technically permissible gross vehicle weight of 41 t, and up to 48 t for export markets. The permissible gross combination weight for all models stands at 250 t.
A defining feature of the new heavy-haulage vehicle's impressive appearance is its powerful design. While it is based on the Actros and Arocs, the SLT optionally sports a distinctive characteristic in the form of a bumper centre section featuring an attachment bracket for a heavy-duty coupling. The side panels of the cooling tower are visually appealing and technically functional.
Top engine for the SLT: Mercedes-Benz OM 473
The Mercedes-Benz SLT is powered by the Mercedes-Benz OM 473 in-line six-cylinder engine. A 15.6 l displacement, three output ratings ranging from 380 kW (517 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp) and up to 3000 Nm of torque are the credentials of the BlueTec 6 engine. Around 2500 Nm of torque are on tap directly from just above idling speed in all variants. One of the technical delights of the engine is its turbo-compound system, a second turbine downstream of the turbocharger. To achieve a further increase in efficiency, this second turbine uses the energy which is still available in the exhaust gas after passing through the turbocharger.
The supercharged decompression brake which goes by the name of the "High Performance Engine Brake" is a boon in heavy-duty transport. The brake attains an impressive output of up to 475 kW (646 hp).
Unique: heavy-duty tractor with 16 gears
The engine power is transferred by the Mercedes G 280-16 transmission with PowerShift automatic gearshift – the only automated transmission with 16 gears on a heavy-duty tractor unit. Various driving programmes and driving modes are tailored specifically to the heavy-haulage vehicle's areas of operations. Customers buying the SLT can choose between the "power" or "heavy" driving programme, for example. Various driving modes are available within the respective driving programmes.
Turbo retarder clutch: unique start-up and braking system
The unique features of the SLT include the turbo retarder clutch. This combines a hydraulic start-up clutch and a retarder in a single component. It is compact in design, light in weight and also serves as a highly effective permanent brake. The turbo retarder clutch allows sensitive and wear-free moving off as well as manoeuvring at the very lowest speeds.
During braking the turbo retarder clutch acts as a primary retarder with a maximum output of 350 kW (476 hp). To ease the strain on the transmission, the sum total power of the high-performance brakes on the heavy-haulage vehicle is limited to a system brake power of 720 kW (979 hp).
Cooling tower with exclusive special equipment
The elegantly enclosed rear cooling tower behind the cab houses an array of special heavy-duty equipment. The cooling system combines the cooling for the engine and the turbo retarder clutch in a single water circuit. The cooling tower also houses the hydraulic system. An aluminium fuel tank with a capacity of 900 l is accommodated in the bottom level of the cooling tower. The compressed air tank, a fuel cooler and a cooler for the hydraulics are also housed here.
16 t axle load for the drive axles
The drive axles of the SLT take the form of extremely robust planetary axles produced in-house at Mercedes-Benz. Their technology has been tried and tested in the very toughest conditions. The drive axles are designed for a technically permissible axle load of up to 16 t. The rear axles of the Actros SLT are air-sprung. The Arocs SLT comes with parabolic springs on all axles.
The front axle is identical in design on the Actros SLT and Arocs SLT (6x4 and 8x4) and is fitted with parabolic springs and disc brakes (with the exception of the all-wheel-drive variant). This axle is available for the Actros and Arocs with a load capacity of 7.5 t to 9.0 t.
One of the special features of the SLT 8x8 is the Servotwin electrohydraulic steering. This provides speed-sensitive steering power assistance and active steering return. In addition to offering unprecedented steering comfort and precision, this also ensures that the SLT is fully steerable when stationary, for perfect manoeuvring.