New major order for the Mercedes Benz eCitaro: The first seven eCitaro buses delivered – ASEAG, Aachen orders up to 27 urban buses

October 2019
Stuttgart / Aachen
  • Delivery of the first seven Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro buses to ASEAG in Aachen
  • Extensive equipment with safety assistance systems
  • ASEAG: bus routes across country borders

Stuttgart / Aachen – The first seven eCitaro vehicles will be handed over to the ASEAG transport company today. Mercedes‑Benz has received another major order for the eCitaro: Aachen's transport company ASEAG is ordering up to 27 all-electric, locally emission-free low-floor urban buses.

Delivery of the first seven Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro to Aachen's ASEAG

Rüdiger Kappel, Head of Sales of Mercedes-Benz Buses Germany, is pleased to announce the delivery of the first seven Mercedes-Benz eCitaro buses: "We're proud to continue a long-standing and trusting partnership with ASEAG and to accompany them on their way to electromobility. ASEAG will continue to expand its electromobility step by step and will be choosing Mercedes‑Benz for all-electric vehicles."

Extensive equipment with safety assistance systems

The two-door eCitaro models will have top-of-the-range equipment with twelve high-voltage battery packs. This provides a total capacity of 292 kWh. The extensive safety technology deserves a special mention: the urban buses will be equipped with both the Preventive Brake Assist active braking assistant and Sideguard Assist. These assistance systems support bus drivers and, above all, protect more vulnerable road users. In the passenger area of the urban buses, the signal red hand rails really stand out. Passengers sit down on City Star Function seats and are provided with information via a 29-inch TFT screen.

ASEAG: bus routes across country borders

The ASEAG (Aachener Straßenbahn- und Energieversorgungs-AG) is an all-bus organisation with 101 bus routes and transports around 71 million passengers annually. Due to its location close to the German borders with Belgium and the Netherlands, a number of bus routes cross borders. The Mercedes-Benz Citaro forms the backbone of the company's fleet of 230 buses. ASEAG uses both solo and articulated Citaro buses, and also has seven Mercedes-Benz CapaCity four-axle buses for maximum passenger capacity.



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