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Factsheet: the marketing campaign of the new EQA from Mercedes-EQ

Factsheet: the marketing campaign of the new EQA from Mercedes-EQ

Jan 20, 2021

Concept and objective

  • The EQA campaign is the start of a new, general campaign to position the new sub-brand
  • Mercedes-EQ stands for progressive luxury that thrills with innovative technologies, intelligent digital concepts and sustainable, individual mobility solutions.
  • Mercedes-EQ is reconciling the sustainability, emotionality and luxury expectations of a modern customer generation with the demand for innovation. In this way the sub-brand is underlining the claim to leadership of Mercedes-Benz AG in the field of electrification and digitisation.
  • The EQA is the attractive entry-level model to the world of progressive luxury – a dynamic, all-electric compact SUV for young urban target groups with an active lifestyle.

"With the world premiere of the all-electric EQA, we are giving a first glimpse into our new visual world of the upcoming Mercedes-EQ models. Our goal is to create a recognizable and emotional brand experience at the same time that combines sustainable lifestyle and contemporary luxury," says Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Marketing at Mercedes-Benz AG.

Visual concept

  • Intensive interaction with mirror images is an integral element in photo and video material for the EQA campaign. The visual impact is characterised by interesting and surprising changes of perspective.
  • This "Mirror" visual concept provides an outlook on the future appearance of the sub-brand Mercedes-EQ, and therefore on all further EQ campaigns – e.g. for the new EQS luxury saloon.

Campaign claim and target group

  • The EQA campaign claim is: "This is for a new generation!" The claim perfectly reconciles the attributes of the vehicle with those of the target group.
  • The target group is young, dynamic, successful, urban and progressive with respect to mobility.
  • With the EQA, Mercedes-Benz is offering this target group an all-electric compact SUV that provides an entry into electric mobility and the progressive luxury world of Mercedes-EQ.

Media mix

  • International campaign with print, (D)OOH, social media and TVC
  • TVC storyline "Mirror":
    The film takes up the main idea of the campaign of interesting visual effects of reflections and change of perspective. The reflections show the EQA consecutively in a different environment and scene. Each reflection creates its own world, in which the boundary between reality and fiction is dissolved and a new perception is generated through changing visual impulses. The special light after sunset also has an absoftening effect on shadows and the light world. The flowing movements in combination with the models and the EQA campaign colour world in blue and rosé tones create an ambience that fascinates visually.

Time period

  • Teaser phase as part of the EQA digital world premiere on January 20, 2021
    • Presentation at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) in Berlin:
      Poster campaign at the event location "Kraftwerk", with first campaign motifs
      and exclusive live EQA appearance in parallel with the digital world premiere on January 20
    • Three teaser on the Mercedes-Benz social media channels on January 19
    • Campaign launch on on January 20, 2021 from 11.00 a.m.
  • Launch of the campaign in Europe
    • From January 20, with the PAD (press announcement day): Social Images
    • From February: 15-second cutdown of the TVC on the Mercedes-Benz social media channels and live response of the 60-second TVC on
    • At the beginning of March: Broadcast of the TV-Spot on TV and print ads in Germany


  • Responsible for the idea, concept and implementation of the campaign: antoni garage
  • Video
    production: Tempomedia, director: Paul McLean, producer: Timm Reinfarth
  • Print content stills
    production: WeFolk, photographer: Jonas Lindstroem
  • Print hero stills
    production: Mirror Mirror, photographer: Cédric Viollet