Winter service

  • Stuttgart/Feldberg, Mar 12, 2013 - With its height of 4 898 ft (1 493 m) the Feldberg is the highest point of the High Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg and it is both an Eldorado for winter sport fans as well as a favourite place for tourists and nature lovers to visit in summer. The average temperature here is 3.3 degrees Celsius – and this average is taken over the whole of the year. And the last snow often does not melt before the end of August – shortly before the new snow falls.
  • Stuttgart/Schladming (Steiermark), Feb 12, 2013 - The Alpine Ski World Championships is a major international sporting event which is taking place from 4 -17 February 2013 in Schladming (Steiermark), and this year features as its slogan "Ski Festival with a Heart - for our Environment". The infrastructure and logistics required to ensure the smooth running of the sporting competition and accompanying events, as well as the effective management of the flows of spectators, are therefore of the utmost importance.
  • Stuttgart/Feldkirch-Arlbergpass (Austria), Jan 20, 2012 - The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is in all-year-round use in the Austrian Vorarlberg region: snow clearing, road and crash barrier cleaning as well as grass verge mowing duties have been undertaken for many years now with the help of the "Universal-Motor-Gerät", or "Universal Motor Device", commonly known as the Unimog. In early 2012, the tropical cyclone "Andrea" brought particular challenges for the Unimog fleet operated out of the Felsenau depot near Feldkirch/Frastanz, which is responsible for road maintenance services on some two-thirds of the roads in the Vorarlberg region.
  • Wörth/Berlin, Nov 7, 2011 - With winter approaching, five new Unimogs are helping keep the streets, squares and open spaces of Berlin and the State of Brandenburg free of ice and snow. Fitted with both gritting and snow-clearing equipment, these vehicles have now been delivered to Klaus-Dieter Tschäpe, owner and general manager of Ruwe GmbH in Berlin. The combined gritting and snow-clearing equipment on the five Unimog U 300 equipment carriers is supplied by Aebi Schmidt, and consists of the Cirron SL 27 snow plough and the Stratos B 20 automatic spreader, giving the Unimog a spreading width of 2.7 metres.
  • Stuttgart/Ilmenau , Feb 10, 2011 - At a height of 500 m above sea level, the old Goethe and university city in Thuringia’s Ilm district is a place where snow is definitely to be expected. “We can expect to have a proper winter here from the end of October right up to mid-April,” says Jens Seiner, owner of Autotechnik Seiner.