Concept Vehicles

  • Stuttgart/Hanover, Sep 21, 2012 - Filling the tank of a long-haul articulated vehicle now costs between 1000 and 2000 euros. Daimler's Aerodynamics Truck & Trailer initiative drastically reduces drag and fuel consumption. The Aerodynamics Trailer results in annual savings of around 2000 litres of diesel per articulated vehicle, corresponding to almost 3000 euros. At the same time, annual emissions are cut by more than five tons of CO2. The Mercedes-Benz Aerodynamics Truck also boasts impressive fuel efficiency figures.
  • Stuttgart/Hanover, Sep 18, 2012 - To further reduce fuel consumption in truck/semitrailer combinations, Daimler launched its "Aerodynamics Truck & Trailer" initiative. As part of this, engineers researched the aerodynamics of current vehicle concepts and then developed two innovative and at the same time practicable solutions. The solutions are relatively easy to put in place in the short term. Last year, the tractor/trailer combination was a spectacular design study, this year it is already a reality: with the new Mercedes-Benz Aerodynamics trailer, a long-haul tractor unit can save approximately 2000 litres of diesel annually, thereby saving its operator nearly 3000 euros in expenses.
  • Stuttgart/Kortrijk, Nov 25, 2011 - The wind resistance falls by 18 percent, the fuel consumption by virtually five percent: the design study from Mercedes-Benz goes by the working title “aero trailer” and shows how it is possible to reduce yet further the already low consumption and thus also the CO2 emissions of state-of-the-art trucks such as the new Actros. Mercedes-Benz will be presenting its ideas for the first time on the occasion of the “Trailer 2011”.