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Daimler Services for Commercial Vehicles - Top Service for Top Vehicles: Comprehensive Services for Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Sep 23, 2014
  • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services: leasing, financing and insurances
  • CharterWay: tailor-made mobility solutions
  • FleetBoard: telematics-based services for the transport sector
  • Mercedes ServiceCard: cashless services on the road
  • Service 24h: on-board guardian angel as standard
  • Genuine parts and genuine remanufactured parts: top quality for top trucks
  • TruckWorks: service for the entire tractor-trailer
  • TruckStore: the professional used vehicle organisation
Trucks with state-of-the-art and economical technology come with a variety of services. The result is a total solution with maximum cost-effectiveness over the vehicle’s entire life cycle, from financing and use through to its subsequent re-utilisation as a used vehicle. And the keyword is TCO – Total Cost of Ownership. At the 2014 International Commercial Vehicles show (IAA) in Hanover, Mercedes-Benz will focus on TCO – a total package consisting of the most economical truck and the most comprehensive line-up of services. Mercedes-Benz will be presenting these products on its trade show stand in Hall 14/15 in the form of numerous stations along the TechLane as well as with their own presentations in the immediate vicinity of the hall.
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services: leasing, financing and insurances
Trucks bearing the star deserve nothing less than tailor-made financial services with a star. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers leasing, financing and insurance products tailored to your company's individual needs. For example, Plus3 financing, a combination of low monthly instalments and the flexibility of leasing. Or seasonal instalment financing, a solution that adjusts the instalments according to your annual business performance.
One in two commercial vehicles with a star is running on financial services provided by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, whose contract assets now number some 250,000 trucks, buses and vans – and the trend is rising. The close collaboration between the companies of the Group and the correspondingly broad expertise plays a special role: if the vehicles are equipped with certain safety features, customers receive a discount on their insurance premiums. Likewise, telematics data from FleetBoard can be used to calculate monthly premiums based on application.
Bundled products comprising financing, insurance and vehicle services from a single source - such as CharterWay - are gaining in popularity. This means minimum administrative effort with maximum cost transparency.
CharterWay: tailor-made mobility solutions
Vehicle procurement, mobility assurance, less fleet administration - all tailor-made. That is what CharterWay stands for. CharterWay Service provides repair and maintenance services. CharterWay ServiceLeasing combines service products with leasing offers. CharterWay Rental helps to overcome bottlenecks on short notice.
The 'temporary' truck fills the gap created by unexpected jobs. Rental is available for classic trucks, vans and even special vehicles. Warranties and maintenance services ensure that all of the vehicles in the fleet are operational. ServiceLeasing combines leasing and maintenance into one product from a single source. The transport business model consists of a wide range of building blocks that enable vehicle services and other services to be mixed and matched into individual total solutions.
FleetBoard: telematics-based services for the transport sector
FleetBoard's telematics-based internet services enable fleet operators to run their commercial vehicles economically. Modular services help companies save fuel and manage logistics processes. Vehicle Management, Transport Management, Time Management and FleetBoard Messaging complement one another to create highly efficient fleet operations. In practice, this means that the FleetBoard Performance Analysis, for example, can cut fuel costs permanently by 15 percent. FleetBoard Service also includes professional maintenance management. Maintenance and wear data are regularly transmitted to the service partner and used to optimise maintenance management.
The new FleetBoard Cockpit will premiere at the IAA as the dispatcher's workplace. It now combines all of the FleetBoard Services in one user-friendly interface. The integration of the services is also being improved. Subcontractors benefit from a new app, as do drivers for access to their personal driving style assessment while en route.
Drivers can show their skills from 1 October in the new FleetBoard competition ‘Drivers' League 2.0’ – economical driving can be fun. The goal is to achieve the highest driving style score in the FleetBoard Performance Analysis. Scores are based on factors relating to consumption and wear – the driver with the highest efficiency wins.
Service 24h: on-board guardian angel as standard
Every Mercedes-Benz truck has a guardian angel: A call to the free Service 24h hotline (00800 5 777 777 7) is all that is needed for Service 24h to make its way to the truck in the event of a breakdown. Service 24h is available throughout Europe, 24 hours a days, 365 days a year.
In more than 80 percent of all breakdown cases the problem can be fixed immediately. The telediagnostics on board Mercedes-Benz trucks enable repairs to be carried out quickly and efficiently on site.
Service 24h is a comprehensive service network from Mercedes-Benz Trucks with some 1800 service centres across Europe. Here, professionals work for professionals: A number of service partners offer extended opening hours to 10 p.m. or midnight or even around the clock and also perform repair shop work outside of normal business hours in order to keep the fleet rolling.
Genuine parts and genuine remanufactured parts: top quality for top trucks
Top quality for top vehicles: Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are perfectly tailored to the individual truck and contribute significantly to the vehicle's favourable total cost of ownership and guarantee optimised downtimes. The extensive range of parts, efficient logistics with fast availability are additional benefits.
Operators that want to save on costs but not on quality choose Mercedes-Benz genuine remanufactured parts, an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative with high quality and certified safety. Remanufactured parts cost 35 percent less on average than new parts, deliver the same performance and have the same warranty.
A current example of the capabilities of remanufacturing is the particulate filter. Mercedes-Benz has developed a full-service package for the extended cleaning intervals: When serviced, the truck is equipped with a remanufactured particulate filter. Highest quality guaranteed: Mercedes-Benz cleans the filters in a specially equipped treatment centre according to a patented and certified process. The cleaned filters are then backed by the full factory warranty. This guarantees high efficiency, reliability, long service intervals and especially the low total cost of ownership for the customer. If the customer has opted for a Mercedes-Benz service contract, the replacement of the particulate filter will be a standard component of the service contract.
Mercedes ServiceCard: cashless services on the road
Drivers of Mercedes-Benz trucks and vans can leave their wallets at home. The Mercedes ServiceCard offers cashless payment of all vehicle-related expenses. Depending on the version of the card, services include the costs for Service 24h, repairs, parts and services as well the UTA service station network with 33,500 petrol stations in Europe, tunnel tolls, ferry costs, road tolls and much more. This means full cost control.
TruckWorks: service for the entire commercial vehicle
Service for the entire commercial vehicle including trailers, semi-trailers, bodies, tail-lifts, refrigeration units and vehicle components from a single source – TruckWorks makes this possible with 100 service stations across Germany. Trained staff take care of the entire commercial vehicle and thus reduce downtime. In addition to traditional repair and maintenance, the services include warranty and courtesy services, the 24-hour emergency service and mobility services as well as inspections required by law and the tyre service. All TruckWorks shops are on call at least 14 hours on weekdays and at least 8 hours on Saturdays.
TruckStore: the professional used vehicle organisation
Europe's preferred partner for used trucks is TruckStore – Mercedes-Benz's used car partner. Trade-in, buy, sell – TruckStore is the professional contact. Professional advice is also available online at . TruckStore has 28 locations in 14 European countries. This means the same high standard from Poland to Portugal and from Sweden to Greece. The inventory consists of 4000 vehicles on average in Europe.
All of the vehicles are grouped in the categories Gold, Silver and Bronze according to clearly defined international standards. An extensive range of services such as leasing, financing, the TruckStore guarantee and buy-back contracts are also available at the time of purchase.
From financing and utilisation through to used vehicles – Mercedes-Benz is always there to help companies and drivers throughout the vehicle's entire service life.