Travelling in the comfort zone

Travelling in the comfort zone

Dec 13, 2019
Stuttgart / Luzern
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  • S 516 HD is the first Setra team bus for FC Luzern
  • Hauser modernises its fleet with five ComfortClass buses
  • VIP Hannover relies on S 517 HD for exclusive transfer service

Stuttgart / Lucerne. Footballers, Mallorca holiday-makers and Buddhist monks. The new Setra ComfortClass buses used by Swiss top-league football club FC Luzern, the Rottweil-based company Hauser and VIP Hannover offer comfortable travel to a very broad range of guests.

Premiere for FC Luzern

This season and for the first time ever, the top-league football team is travelling in a Setra coach. The S 516 HD of Gössi Carreisen AG drives the team and training staff on behalf of FC Luzern-Innerschweiz AG to all its games and training camps – extremely safely and comfortably.

The luxury Setra ComfortClass bus with a club-lounge corner is equipped with 40 leather and Alcantara seats, flooring in a ship-plank look and five monitors. Also on-board are a kitchen unit tailored to the team's needs and height-adjustable tables with the club emblem which can be easily adapted to function as massage benches.
Gössi Carreisen AG was founded in 1975 by Xaver Gössi in Horw in the canton of Lucerne. Just four years later the company chose a bus from the Ulm-based brand. The partnership has been carried on in the same friendly vein by Son Marco Gössi who accepted the S 516 HD bus from Dietmar Widera, head of coach sales at EvoBus Schweiz AG.

Hauser stations S 516 HD abroad too

Stuttgart / Rottweil. By acquiring the five S 516 HD buses, Hauser GmbH & Co. KG is taking another huge step in the process of systematically modernising its fleet.

The coach company from Rottweil in the Swabian region is completely switching its fleet to the Setra brand. Currently the family business from Baden-Württemberg's oldest town operates 15 Setra buses throughout Europe. The Hauser company, which celebrated its 70th anniversary last year, uses the luxurious three-axle buses exclusively for their own programme and sometimes employs them abroad.

Classified with 5 stars, the S 516 HD buses are fitted with 42 seats, two attendant's seats and a kitchenette in the rear as well as having the latest Daimler Buses safety systems on-board. These include adaptive cruise control 4, which is the world's first system for buses that warns the driver about a collision with moving pedestrians and also automatically initiates partial braking, as well as the turning assistance system Sideguard Assist with person recognition.

VIP Hannover: maiden voyage with 52 Buddhist monks

Stuttgart / Hanover. In future the VIP Hannover bus company will be relying exclusively on the Setra brand. The company from Lower Saxony, which specialises in amongst other things exclusive transfer services, is starting with an S 517 HD. Its customers include the members of management boards, top-ranking delegations as well as representatives from the media and commerce on state visits.

Furthermore, the black luxury Setra ComfortClass bus belonging to Stephan Deim who founded the company in 2001 is also used for company events, congresses or school and club trips. The bus is fitted with 52 seats and the most modern safety systems that Setra currently has to offer.

"With the S 517 HD we have begun to successively change our fleet to Setra buses," says the company's owner and managing director who welcomed 52 Buddhist monks on-board for the new three-axle bus's first journey. The clerics visited Asian temples in Strasbourg, Stuttgart and Würzburg in the S 517 HD.

The S 516 HD bus is the first Setra team bus for FC Luzern. Dietmar Widera, head of coach sales at EvoBus Schweiz AG (left), hands over the bus to Marco Gössi, CEO and owner of Gössi Carreisen.
The team bus of the top-league football club is fitted with 40 leather and Alcantara seats.
The first S 517 HD with which VIP Hannover carries out exclusive transfers.
Four of the five S 516 HD buses with which the Swabian bus company Hauser is pressing ahead with switching to an all-Setra fleet.