World premiere of the FleetBoard Store at the IAA: the new marketplace for apps

Sep 21, 2016
Hannover / Stuttgart
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  • Presentation of 14 app prototypes by renowned industry partners as well as Daimler Trucks and FleetBoard
  • Intentionally open platform for industry partners, app developers and customers
  • Use not limited to Mercedes-Benz Trucks, but also in all third-party brands
  • Access to real-time truck data, use on the
  • Flexible installation over-the-air to trucks within the fleet
  • FleetBoard Store launch in Germany in 2017, more countries to follow gradually

Hanover / Stuttgart - Daimler FleetBoard will celebrate the world premiere of the new FleetBoard Store for apps at the 2016 IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show. The launch will include prototypes of 14 apps. The platform is open by design, allowing industry partners – such as bodybuilders – and app developers to contribute useful apps that increase the efficiency of the haulage sector as a whole. The apps in the FleetBoard Store can be used not only in Mercedes-Benz trucks, but also in all other makes. The apps can access real-time data and run on FleetBoard's removable driver tablet. Everyone involved benefits from the integration of partner apps: customers who receive relevant solutions for their company via a single platform on just one device, partners who are digitalising their business and can roll out the apps to 180 000 vehicles, and developers who now have a new and innovative environment for which to develop apps. The inspiration is a vision of the end-to-end networking of all traffic in the future.

FleetBoard will be showcasing examples of the apps available in the FleetBoard Store at the IAA together with its partners Brugg Lifting, Continental, Dautel, DKV, the EuroTransportMedia publishing and events group, Palfinger, Schmitz Cargobull, Truck Parking Europe, UTA and uvauvau. Additionally, more companies within the logistics industry are keen on integration into the FleetBoard Store for apps. For instance, Europe's largest transport platform TimoCom, with up to half a million international freight and loading area offers daily, will also offer its app in the FleetBoard Store in the future.

  • Lashing app from Brugg Lifting: The lashing app from Brugg Lifting helps the driver by calculating the minimum number of tie-downs required to anchor the load, thus making fail-safe securing of a load much easier. It's very straightforward to use: the driver simply enters the weight of the load, the lashing angle, the specified preload force and the sliding friction coefficient. Where diagonal lashings are used, the system uses the details of the cargo weight, lashing angle and sliding friction coefficient to calculate the minimum lashing capacity (LC) for the use of four lashing straps. The user can use the info buttons provided to call up further explanatory information at any point during data entry. The advantages: the lashing app makes securing cargo easier for the driver, minimises problems with the cargo and helps to reduce costs.
  • ContiPressureCheck app from Continental: The ContiPressureCheck system continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of all tyres on a truck in real time. With the ContiPressureCheck app it is possible to react immediately to a loss of pressure or to overheating of the vehicle's tyres - this avoids downtimes, reduces fuel consumption and saves costs. At the same time, the value of the carcass and the retreadability of the tyres is maintained. ContiPressureCheck works with all brands of tyres and on all vehicles and helps to reduce overall fleet costs.
  • Conical heap app from Dautel: The conical heap app shows the truck driver, even before unloading starts, how much space will be required for the unloading of bulk goods. Once details of the cargo have been entered, the conical heap app shows the expected spread of the dumped goods on the as soon as reverse gear is engaged. This view helps the driver to position the vehicle in the best place for unloading. By providing this information the app overcomes the need for excessive manoeuvring and for rectification work to reposition the dumped load. The advantages: the conical heap app makes unloading bulk materials easier, saves on rectification work, and therefore time, and increases the cost efficiency of the company.
  • DKV app from DKV: The DKV app offers a quick and easy way of locating DKV partner filling stations across Europe. Individual filter options simplify a driver's search for a suitable filling station or service station. Frequently used locations can be saved as favourites. Comprehensive background information about each DKV station is also provided. In the event of a breakdown or emergency, or should the DKV card have been lost or mislaid, the driver can be connected with the appropriate partner directly from the DKV app. The News section offers all the latest information about DKV Euro Service. The advantages: drivers always have the latest information about partner filling stations along their route, and their prices – the app enables them to refuel at the cheapest rate and so contribute to the cost efficiency of the company.
  • eurotransport app from EuroTransportMedia Verlags-und Veranstaltungs-GmbH: The world of commercial vehicles is a multifaceted one - and keeps spinning faster and faster. Hauliers, mechatronics engineers and professional drivers need to keep up with what's going on on a daily basis. News about vehicles, information about the latest market trends and specialist events - the eurotransport app brings it all together in a single app. The advantages: the eurotransport app keeps drivers abreast of what's happening in the world and updated with all the latest news and trends from the haulage sector.
  • Palfinger app from Palfinger: The Palfinger app is a quick and easy way for truck drivers to find the nearest Palfinger service partner to where they are. The app also features a Palcode section that provides prompt help when problems arise – for example if a Palfinger product displays a status or error code. The app includes a description, explanation and suggested solutions for every code. The advantages: the app provides an overview of the status of Palfinger equipment and allows for efficient service scheduling, direct contact to the service partner and a reduction in downtime.
  • TrailerConnect Drivers app from Schmitz Cargobull: The TrailerConnect Drivers app feeds vital information about the technical condition of the trailer into the cab in real time, using the Configurable alerts allow truck drivers to avoid damage to the load as well as technical breakdowns. The cooling unit and tyre pressure, as well as the brake pads and mileage, are all monitored. The advantages: transparency over what's happening with the trailer, even while on the move, means that problems can be dealt with immediately, thus reducing downtimes as well as costs.
  • Truck Parking Europe app from Truck Parking Europe: The Truck Parking Europe app shows truck drivers where to find the best and safest parking opportunities available for heavy-duty trucks, anywhere in Europe. To achieve this, the app has access to a database of around 24 000 parking spaces, which can be rated by the Truck Parking Europe community of more than 250 000 European truck drivers. The advantages: The Truck Parking Europe app makes the annoying search for a parking space a thing of the past by showing free spaces along the route. This saves time, makes the scheduling of rest times more efficient and increases driver safety.
  • UTA FuelGuide app from UTA: The UTA FuelGuide app guides drivers to those refuelling stations along their route that are currently offering the best prices. The app not only looks at the current diesel prices, but also automatically updates distances. At the same time, drivers can see at a glance their current rate of consumption, remaining distance to travel, available tank content and average speed. Drivers simply select the most favourable refuelling point and the UTA FuelGuide app builds that location into the existing route planning. The app can also be individually configured. The advantages: the UTA FuelGuide app makes timely and cost-efficient refuelling easier, without the truck driver needing to worry about diesel prices or suitable refuelling intervals.
  • prUVV app from uvauvau: The prUVV app is an identification management system for verifying documents, people, processes and products in line with internal auditing requirements. It is also possible to set up additional "verification jobs" according to individual requirements. The app furthermore makes it possible to build an electronic check of the driver's driving licence into, for example daily departure checks, weekly ADR equipment checks, load-securing checks or any other process, as requested by the customer. The app is based on uvauvau's proven security technology. The advantages: the prUVV app reduces the liability of fleet managers and provides an automatic, fast and secure method of working through the various steps of any process that is subject to verification.
  • uvauvau app from uvauvau: uvauvau is an interactive Information Management System. The uvauvau app allows business owners to send information such as driver manuals, training material, instructions or operation manuals to their drivers in line with internal auditing requirements. The advantages: with the uvauvau app, drivers are able to work through training courses at a time to suit them, and to do so on the

Besides third-party apps, the FleetBoard Store also features apps from Daimler Trucks and FleetBoard:

  • CuCo app from FleetBoard: The right information at the right time, every time: CuCo (Customised Connectivity) is an app that sends messages and assistance based on individually defined parameters to the Anything is possible here, from reminders about rest periods to, for instance, a prompt to switch on the headlamps. Messages can be individually set and linked to specific circumstances, such as crossing a border. The app offers an endless number of possibilities for use. The advantages: the reminders and assistance provided make drivers' daily work easier, and allow operators as well as drivers to concentrate on their core tasks.
  • SpaceSnap app from FleetBoard: In order to maximise the efficiency of a transport service, it is vital to make the best possible use of load area. The SpaceSnap app helps the driver to optimise loading by using the camera to calculate a truck's remaining load capacity. The app assesses the size and position of the load already on board the truck to calculate the space still available for loading. The advantages: the app supports the planning and optimal use of the existing load capacity, improving the profitability of trips and reducing their environmental impact.
  • ParkMyTruck app from Daimler Trucks: The tricky problem of finding somewhere to park a truck in Germany is a familiar one for every driver and company. A shortage of parking spaces means added stress for drivers as they look for an available parking space that is both safe and clean, potentially exceeding their permitted driving time in the process or even on occasions parking their truck in a risky or illegal spot. The ParkMyTruck app not only shows parking spaces along the route and allows drivers to take a quick look at them in advance, but also offers the option of reserving a space direct from the app. The advantages: the ParkMyTruck app makes it easier for drivers to plan their rest periods, safeguards against exceeding driving times and incorrect parking, thereby helping to avoid fines.

Downloading apps is simple: customers select one or more apps from the FleetBoard Store from the comfort of their office and install them "over the air" on the removable tablets – to a single truck, several trucks or even the whole fleet. Drivers can operate the apps via the tablet in their truck. The driver's tablet could become the only device in the vehicle in the future, as its apps display all relevant information about the driver, the vehicle and the current job.

The new FleetBoard Developer Portal is the place where interested partners and developers can find all relevant information on the FleetBoard store and the app submission process. All apps available in the FleetBoard store undergo a stringent quality assurance process to ensure they comply with FleetBoard's safety standards.

FleetBoard Store launch in Germany in 2017, more countries to follow gradually

Customers will be able to access the FleetBoard Store from 2017. The market launch will start in Germany, with further countries to follow in due course. The FleetBoard store will be available in German and English.

World premiere of the FleetBoard Store at the IAA: the new marketplace for apps
World premiere of the FleetBoard Store at the IAA: the new marketplace for apps
World premiere of the FleetBoard Store at the IAA: the new marketplace for apps
World premiere of the FleetBoard Store at the IAA: the new marketplace for apps
World premiere of the FleetBoard Store at the IAA: the new marketplace for apps
World premiere of the FleetBoard Store at the IAA: the new marketplace for apps