Vehicle profile: Mercedes-Benz Intouro M

Equipment (excerpt): The Intouro M is painted brilliant silver. The side windows have double glazing, a body-mounted air conditioning system assists in temperature control. In addition to the single-wing outward-swinging door at the front, the passengers can use a two-leaf door at the centre, which is the prerequisite for the installed lift. There are 59 passenger seats, two of them folding seats at the centre door. The special-purpose area directly across from the centre door is characterised by a removable pedestal with two double seats. Airline rails are integrated flush into the floor for anchoring a wheelchair.
The seats are Mercedes-Benz Inter Star Eco seats. For carry-on luggage there are stowage racks with nets located throughout the entire vehicle with the exception of the special-purpose area across from the centre door. Cosiness and comfort on the bus are also provided by the dark-blue Nightline fabric seat upholstery, orange curtains on the windows, the floor with Gaya Wood covering and a subdued night-time lighting. The LED destination display, the side destination display as well as the dot-matrix number display on the tail end, the school bus sign, the bus stop warning flashers as well as a grab rail with stop request buttons are indicative of its use as a rural regular-service bus. The electronic braking system with disc brakes all round, acceleration skid control, Brake Assist, the powerful secondary water retarder and a fire alarm system with a detection line in the engine compartment are evidence of a high level of safety.
Technical data
12,640/2550/3355 mm
6580 mm
Engine model/emission standards
OM 936/Euro VI
6 in-line/7700 cc
220 kW (299 hp) at 2200 rpm
Rated torque
1200 Nm at 1200-1600 rpm
Mercedes-Benz GO 190-6
Front axle
ZF RL 75 E, independent suspension
Rear axle
Mercedes-Benz RO 440, ratio 3.164:1
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    Mercedes-Benz Intouro M, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Intouro M, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Intouro M, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Intouro M, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Intouro M, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Intouro M, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Intouro M, interior
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    Mercedes-Benz Intouro M, interior