Vehicle profile: Mercedes-Benz Integro

Equipment (excerpt): The Mercedes-Benz Integro is one of the all-round talents among buses. It operates in rural regular service, but also takes on excursions. The Gaya Wood floor covering, curtains on the windows, fabric inserts in the partition walls or stowage racks with closed undersides create a cosy atmosphere in the passenger compartment. The tour guide seat is also an indication of the bus's suitability for excursions. The comfort features for passengers and driver include an air conditioning system. The driver benefits from a reversing aid with visual display, the tyre pressure monitoring system as well as power roof hatches with a rain sensor.
The 53 Travel Star Eco passenger seats with a rigid backrest and Platine design upholstery meet the requirements for excursions and rural regular-service operations. The cream-coloured leather head sections are a special comfort feature. A typical device for use as a rural regular-service bus is the EvoBus Topform LED destination display and the school bus signs in the form of roller blinds at the front and rear. On the inside the Integro is equipped with grab rails and stop request buttons for regular service operations. Among the special features of the vehicle on display is a lift at the two-leaf centre door. Passengers with restricted mobility will find a place for a wheelchair with airline rails in the special-purpose area across from the door. During excursion operations this area houses a pedestal with two double seats as well as a luggage rack mounted above them.
The Integro painted smoke silver metallic is powered by the new six-cylinder in-line OM 936 engine in its most powerful version in conjunction with the automated Mercedes GO 250-8 PowerShift transmission and the Mercedes-Benz RO 440 hypoid rear axle.
Technical data
12,140/2550/3355 mm
6080 mm
Engine model/emission standards
OM 936/Euro VI
6 in-line/7700 cc
260 kW (354 hp) at 2200 rpm
Rated torque
1400 Nm at 1200-1600 rpm
Mercedes-Benz GO 250-8 PowerShift
Front axle
ZF RL 75 E, independent suspension
Rear axle
Mercedes-Benz RO 440, 
ratio 4.778:1
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    Mercedes-Benz Integro, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Integro, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Integro, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Integro, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Integro, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Integro, exterior
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    Mercedes-Benz Integro, interior
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    Mercedes-Benz Integro, interior