Three questions for Eva Wiese: How AMG makes sportiness, passion and cutting-edge technology discernible

Jul 5, 2018

Eva Wiese is Head of Marketing and Product Management at Mercedes-AMG GmbH. In an interview, she explains how it's possible to keep on developing the globally successful sports car and performance brand further.

Ms Wiese, AMG is now more than 50 years old. What does the Mercedes-AMG brand stand for today?

There's a lot of racing spirit in AMG. After all, our roots are in motorsport. That's why the brand promise, "Driving Performance", is the focus for every AMG employee. It's our impetus and, at the same time, an attitude. We live out our claim of questioning the status quo and pushing back technological boundaries. We want to give our customers intensive driving and brand experiences that they won't forget. That works best when we focus on our core strengths: perfect craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and a passion for dynamic, emotional products.  

How do you enable your customers to experience this?

Our vehicles are the strongest argument with the greatest power of persuasion. Anyone who's ever driven a Mercedes-AMG knows what I'm talking about. But beyond technology there's something else that makes a Mercedes-AMG - its completely individual, distinctive character.

It's not just behind the steering wheel that our customers experience the promise of "Driving Performance". Our aim is to make AMG's typical superiority, intensity and the special character of the brand evident to all the senses - whether it's at international motor sport events, at AMG Driving Academy events, in the AMG Private Lounge, in our AMG stand-alone stores or in the AMG Performance Centres. Over 500 of these centres in 40 countries invite customers and fans to immerse themselves in the Mercedes-AMG brand world and experience the brand directly.

And where is AMG's brand development heading?

Needless to say, we will carry on enhancing our brand profile in the future and continue successfully on our course. This also includes further expanding our portfolio for all performance-minded customers in the future - for example with hybrid performance drivetrains. We will also strike out in new directions in our branding work. Digitalisation plays an important role in this, but we are still focusing on analogue formats as well, something that our target audience appreciates.