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The smart fortwo comes to Brazil in April 2009

Oct 27, 2008
Stuttgart/São Paulo
Starting in April 2009, the smart fortwo will be available in Brazil. This was announced by the company at the São Paulo Auto Show, where the two-seater celebrated its public debut. Thus, the smart brand is entering another automotive market following its successful launch in the USA. The small car combines modern technology, the highest levels of quality and safety, exemplary fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions with a unique spatial concept that offers a host of benefits, particularly in dense city traffic. Over one million of the two-seaters have been produced since the introduction of the first generation in 1998.
Anders-Sundt Jensen, Head of Brand Management at smart comments, “The smart fortwo is a real success story - it is winning over customers in 37 markets throughout the world. We are certain that the agile two-seater possesses the ideal prerequisites to inspire lifestyle-oriented customers in Brazil’s urban centres, starting with São Paulo. The upscale and fuel-efficient fortwo boasts not only exemplary safety equipment and distinctive smart design, but also typical smart quality and reliability.”
The smart fortwo in Brazil
An average of six million vehicles are on the streets of São Paulo, a city of ten million inhabitants. Every day, around 1,000 new vehicles are registered in São Paulo. These are ideal conditions for an innovative, fuel-efficient and agile vehicle for urban lifestyles such as the smart fortwo. In Brazil, too, there has been a significant rise in environmental awareness among the population. Against the backdrop of this development, Mercedes-Benz Cars decided to introduce the clever two-seater onto the Brazilian market in April 2009. At only a little over 2.5 metres, it even fits sideways into parking spaces. Yet it also transports two people and their luggage in comfort and safety, while remaining environmentally-friendly with low fuel consumption and exemplary low CO2 emissions.
The smart fortwo also fulfils the demands set for larger Mercedes-Benz vehicles. These include the highest levels of quality and reliability, exceptional safety and economical and environmentally-friendly driving combined with comfort and agility. Furthermore, the smart fortwo also sets itself apart with its innovative design, with which the brand embarked upon an all-new, unique path and with which the smart has now attained cult status.
Smart success story
Now, after ten years on the market, the smart fortwo can report impressive performance. Since the introduction of the first generation in 1998, nearly one million of the smart fortwo have been delivered to customers. In the beginning of September, smart celebrated its anniversary: over one million of the two-seaters have been produced since the introduction of the first generation in 1998. Having initially been offered only in Germany and eight other European countries, it is now available in 37 countries worldwide - including the USA since January 2008. Since the beginning of the year, 20,000 of the smart fortwo have been delivered to customers there. Starting mid-2009, the smart fortwo will also be available in China, where the car is virtually tailor-made for the increasing number of lifestyle-oriented micro-car customers in a country with a large number of major cities.
As one of the youngest car brands, smart stands for innovation, functionality and vitality. Above all, smart appeals to customers that are seeking new, forward-looking and intelligent solutions within the automobile sector. Smart fortwo drivers are defined more by their attitude than by their age, profession or gender. They are open-minded, they question conventional wisdom and are in-touch. They choose the smart fortwo because it is special and because it sets them apart from the masses. And most certainly - because it is fun.