The best-seller in the urban bus market: 50th Mercedes-Benz Citaro Euro VI presented to the transport operator Hamburg-Holstein AG

The best-seller in the urban bus market: 50th Mercedes-Benz Citaro Euro VI presented to the transport operator Hamburg-Holstein AG
November 2014
  • Citaro wins the International Bus & Coach Competition Award (IBC Award) and Green Bus Award for its low consumption
  • Individual equipment features for attractive routes
Stuttgart - On 14 November 2014, the transport operator Hamburg-Holstein AG (VHH) took delivery of the 50th Mercedes-Benz Citaro Euro VI. This model is part of a supply contract for 82 vehicles agreed in 2013. The second largest public transport company in northern Germany currently runs a fleet of 577 buses in order to provide an efficient, economical and customer-friendly local passenger transport service in the metropolitan area of Hamburg. Over 90 percent of these vehicles bear the Mercedes-Benz star.
"We share the Senate of Hamburg's objective of only purchasing emission-free vehicles from the year 2020. Obviously, however, we are already doing our utmost to reduce the emissions of our vehicle fleet as far as is possible today. The Citaro II models from Mercedes-Benz, which comply with the stringent requirements of the Euro VI emissions standard, play an instrumental role in this respect. It is not surprising therefore that VHH currently operates the largest fleet of these state-of-the-art diesel-powered buses anywhere in Germany," remarked VHH board member Toralf Müller during the handover ceremony at the bus and coach plant in Mannheim.
Citaro wins International Bus & Coach Competition Award (IBC Award) and Green Bus Award for its low consumption
The eco-friendly and, above all, economical Euro VI engines have recently earned the Citaro two coveted awards. In the annual IBC (International Bus & Coach Competition) test marathon organised by the trade journal BusFahrt and its media partners, the low-floor bus lived up to all the high expectations and came out on top against the competition. Despite delivering high performance with no compromises, the Citaro with the Euro VI engine finished the competition with the best fuel consumption figure for top spot on the podium. The Citaro Euro VI reaped a further accolade at the IAA, the world's premier commercial vehicle show, when it took the "Green Bus Award 2014". Inaugurated in 2011, this award is presented to vehicles that succeed in recording the lowest fuel consumption over a demanding test route.
Wealth of Mercedes-Benz Citaro variants
Tammo Voigt, Head of Local Public Transport Fleet Sales within the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit: "Economy is not merely a question of fuel consumption. To know how much a bus is actually going to cost you, you have to take the vehicle's entire lifecycle into account. Analysing the overall economy in this way involves meticulously detailing all costs incurred throughout the vehicle's service life – i.e. the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). That means acquisition, maintenance, replacement parts, consumption, and also the resale value. When these lifecycle costs are factored in, the Citaro scores top marks."
One of the secrets to its success lies without doubt in the modular policy of Mercedes-Benz. The line-up of new-generation Citaro buses with Euro VI engines currently comprises 18 model variants in all. In addition to the solo, articulated and Citaro LE models, the range also includes a short variant, the Citaro K, as well as right-hand-drive Citaro models. With such diversity on offer, the Citaro covers virtually the entire spectrum of transportation requirements of bus companies providing regular urban and rural public transport services. Keeping true to the motto "exactly the right product for every transportation task", transport operators are able to benefit from a standardised modular system and the resulting commonality of parts, despite the range of different Citaro models on offer.
Individual equipment featuresVirtually all the Citaro buses operated by VHH are identically equipped, yet they clearly stand out from the usual plain-looking, utilitarian urban bus. Besides LED passenger lighting and 29-inch LCD information monitors, the transport operator favours a spacious interior layout, including a standing platform as well as an area for wheelchairs and prams. Passenger comfort is further enhanced by the wood-effect floor covering, passenger compartment climate control, hinged windows and high-resolution destination displays with white LEDs. To ensure the highest possible level of passenger safety, all vehicles are equipped with interior and door cameras. The images are relayed to a monitor on the instrument panel in front of the driver and the data temporarily stored on a special data medium. A separate air conditioning system furthermore allows the climate settings in the driver's area to be controlled independently. VHH even goes as far as offering its passengers free WiFi in the Citaro on certain, particularly attractive routes.
The transport operator Hamburg-Holstein AG
With around 1600 employees from 62 different countries and a total of 577 buses, VHH is the second largest public transport company in northern Germany. A partner in the Hamburg Transport Association, VHH offers passenger transport services by bus in the metropolitan area of Hamburg. It has a strategic network of twelve depots situated in and around the city. Buses set out from here to serve a total of 153 routes leading through the city and the surrounding rural districts. The radius of operation extends from the towns of Wedel in the west and Quickborn in the north all the way to Lauenburg in the far east of Hamburg's outlying districts. VHH carries around 107.7 million passengers annually. Since 2001 the transport operator has been updating its fleet with virtually the entire range of Mercedes-Benz Citaro models. In addition to the two-door and three-door 12 m variants, articulated buses, low-entry models and rural-service vehicles measuring 15 metres in length are also in use.

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    From l to r: Tammo Voigt, Head of Local Public Transport Fleet Sales within the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit and Toralf Müller, VHH board member.