Services for municipal vehicles

  • Mercedes-Benz CharterWay
  • Leasing and finance products
Mercedes-Benz CharterWay is a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz Bank and Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland which has been offering services and mobility solutions for the procurement, servicing and management of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles since 1992. CharterWay Service, CharterWay ServiceLeasing and CharterWay Rental are the three product lines offered by the market leader with access to the entire Mercedes-Benz service network across Germany and Europe. Throughout Germany, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay looks after almost 70,000 commercial vehicles, many of which are special-purpose vehicles used for waste disposal and winter services.
Service products for trucks comprise several different levels: Extend (extended drivetrain guarantee), ExtendPlus (extended vehicle guarantee), Select (extended drivetrain guarantee with servicing), SelectPlus (extended vehicle guarantee with servicing) and Complete (full-service package with servicing and repairs, including wear parts). The contracts enable fleet operators to maintain workshop costs at a fixed rate and avoid risks.
CharterWay ServiceLeasing in turn combines the individual service products with classic leasing for convenient mobility services.
When it comes to rental, CharterWay has a fleet of around 7200 vehicles, including special-purpose vehicles such as freezer vehicles, construction or refuse-collection vehicles, complete with appropriate trailers and semitrailers. CharterWay Rental provides flexibility at a low cost and without having to tie up capital. Available options include short-term rentals – from one day up to 24 months – and also long-term rentals for those looking for a solution for longer periods. If a customer wishes to span peak periods resulting from fluctuations in business, with the "Rent and Drive" module CharterWay is also able to provide a driver in addition to a municipal vehicle.
Leasing and finance products
Mercedes-Benz Bank headquartered in Stuttgart is one of the leading automotive banks in Germany. It is a subsidiary of Daimler Financial Services, the Daimler Group’s worldwide provider of financial services.
The product portfolio comprises leasing, financing, insurance and fleet management for Daimler Group vehicles. Tailor-made finance and service offerings are a decisive factor for the municipal services sector from a financial and commercial point of view. Mercedes-Benz provides its customers with a comprehensive range of services, from advice through to vehicle handover and of course beyond, and all from a single source – almost in the form of "all-round, carefree packages" to accompany its high-performance, technologically advanced commercial vehicles.
In the leasing and financing sector, there is a variety of different packages to choose from which have been specifically tailored to the different trucks. Leasing provides the operator or the local authority with sufficient financial freedom to enable capital to be invested in the company rather than the fleet. Furthermore, the leasing instalments are immediately tax deductible as operating costs. At the end of the term the truck is returned to the Mercedes-Benz dealer.
Despite increasingly diminishing local authority budgets, anyone looking to operate a permanently available vehicle fleet boasting the latest technology is better off opting for municipal vehicle leasing as a financial alternative to outright cash purchase. The complete "safety-service-leasing" package, consisting of the modules Leasing + Service + Insurance + Safety equipment helps companies to save on costs. The entire instalment including the innovative "Safety Pack Top" safety package is less than the entire instalment for the individual products.
Mercedes-Benz Bank also offers different packages for the financing of trucks. In addition to standard financing with fixed monthly instalments and favourable terms, Plus3 Financing is also available. In this case the decision as to whether to keep. sell or return the truck can be left until the end of the term.
There is also the option to choose flexible seasonal instalment financing, which is suitable for those companies whose business fluctuates according to seasonal cycles.