Payload and load capacity: Load capacity now increased to up to 17 cu. m., and the payload of the new Sprinter is also in the top rank

Feb 6, 2018
  • Front-wheel drive allows more convenient stowage of bulky goods
  • Lightweight design measures reduce the kerb weight
  • Wheel arches fully loadable for the first time, choice of three loading floors for different applications

Three wheelbases, three vehicle heights and various body variants: variability and versatility are also among the most important attributes of the new Sprinter when it comes to load capacity. In the longest panel van variant with the maximum roof height, the load capacity is around 17 cu. m. The maximum payload in the weight class with 5500 kilograms permissible gross vehicle weight is 3150 kilograms.

Lower entry, higher doors and larger loading width

Higher load capacity and more comfort when loading and unloading – these were two major goals during development of the front-wheel drive. The result is an 80 millimetre lower loading sill. At the same time the interior door height increases by 80 millimetres. This makes bulky goods easier to stow on board.

Various weight savings also lead to a lower overall kerb weight. The unladen weight starts in the 3.5 tonnes segment at 1990 kilograms for the panel van and 1975 kilograms for the pickup. The front-wheel drive model as a panel van with 3.5 tonnes permissible gross vehicle weight makes 50 kilograms of additional payload available against the rear-wheel drive.

Lashing lugs and rail systems for maximum load securing

All the panel vans feature a full-width load compartment partition as standard. Cargo is secured by robust lashing lugs. On request cargo can be secured using rail systems in the floor, at belt rail height and below the roof frame. The load can be flexibly secured with the help of the rail system, and is prevented from sliding. This not only protects the cargo, but also the load compartment.

A choice of load compartment floor provides further options. On request the standard metal version can be replaced with lightweight plastic flooring or heavy-duty wood flooring. The weight-optimised plastic floor is perfect for loads with a low unit pressure, for example with parcel services, greengrocers or florists. Other advantages are water-resistance and a weight saving of up to 18 kilograms versus the wood floor. The heavy-duty wood floor was designed for maximum overall and very high local loads.

Movable pallet supports in the entry steps of the sliding doors also provide space for an integrated stowage compartment. The pallet supports stabilise the cargo in the door area, and are particularly useful when carrying Europool pallets or crates. Rectangular wood claddings protect the wheel arches against damage, and also make them loadable.

New lighting concept with LEDs for the load compartment

In addition to the regular interior illumination, two optional LED lighting strips in the load compartment of the new Sprinter ensure optimum light conditions and minimal shadows. The LEDs switch on and off automatically when the doors are opened and closed, but can also be controlled via the control panel in the cockpit.

Other innovations include inside roof racks and a self-arresting rear door. The interior stowage facilities provide more protection from mechanical influences and soiling of cargo items than externally mounted roof racks. Opening and closing the rear door of the panel van is much more convenient thanks to self-arresting hinges. The doors can now be safely opened and closed with one hand. This also eliminates the rubber buffers on the rear doors and side walls, as the new hinge system arrests the rear doors before they touch the side walls.

Key features of the load area in the Sprinter panel van:

3.980 sq. m. to 7.606 sq. m. cargo area

7.8 cu. m. to 17.0 cu. m. load capacity

2732 mm to 4810 mm load compartment length at floor level

1787 mm maximum load compartment width

1719 mm to 2243 mm load compartment height

More than 3000 kg maximum payload in the 5500 kg weight variant

Space for up to seven Europool pallets

Key features of the load area in the Sprinter pickup:

5.8 m2 to 9.2 m2 cargo area with standard cab

4.3 m2 to 7.7 m2 cargo area with crewcab

2858 mm to 4308 mm platform length with standard cab

2128 mm to 3608 mm platform length with crewcab

2035 mm to 2135 mm platform width

403 mm tailgate height

More than 3000 kg maximum payload in the 5500 kg weight variant

Space for up to eight Europool pallets