New-generation Fuso Canter TF

  • Fuso Canter 7C18 AMT: waste collector with Faun body
  • Fuso Canter 6C18 4WD: all-wheel-drive Canter with Henschel pickup body
The next generation Fuso Canter, completely revised both technically and visually, has barely made its debut yet its benefits in terms of economy and comfort have already made it the "favourite of the municipal services sector". Whether deployed as a road sweeper in the narrowest of streets in historic town centres, or as a maintenance vehicle for green park areas, the lightweight truck boasts a wide application spectrum, low fuel consumption despite its high load capacity, and high levels of environmental acceptability and operating safety. One of the outstanding technical innovations of the Fuso Canter TF is the compact Duonic dual-clutch transmission: it is the first truck in the world to feature such technology. The direct-shift transmission causes less wear to auxiliary equipment, reduces the burden on the driver, particularly on short trips, and combines the convenience benefits of an automatic transmission with the economy of a manual transmission. With the standard Eco mode, additional fuel savings of up 8 percent can be achieved, depending on the driver and traffic conditions. A start/stop system (ISS) stops the engine after it has been idle for 5 seconds, which helps to reduce consumption further, particularly in inner-city traffic.
The Euro 5 four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with a displacement of 3.0 litres is available in three power output bands of 96 kW (130 hp), 110 kW (150 hp) and 129 kW (175 hp).
The front axle of the 3.5 t variant features independent suspension with coil springs. For the driver this translates into lighter, safer handling in all road conditions, as well as tangible improvements in ride comfort. In addition to disc brakes on both axles, an electronic braking system is now also available as a new feature. In the top two weight classes, the Canter is optionally available with an Electronic Stability Program (ESP). In the substantially revised cab - which offers better through-access from left to right for driver and co-driver - a host of features help to make everyday work tasks easier: ergonomic seats with integrated head restraints, clear cockpit layout with multifunction display, effective heating and automatic air conditioning system, and also a new stowage concept.
Wide variety of models
The new Fuso Canter range has been readjusted as part of the model change and covers all of the important light truck segments. Available models include the six-tonne variant (6S15) with standard cab and engine output of 110 kW (150 hp), the 3.5-tonne variant (3S15) with Standard cab and engine output of 110 kW (150 hp), as well as the 3.5-tonne variant (3C18) with Comfort cab and engine output of 129 kW (175 hp). In addition to the gross vehicle weight categories, the permissible axle loads and frame layouts for the Canter have also been redefined, enabling gains in payload of up to 85 kg to be achieved for the 3.5 t models, and up to 95 kg for the 7.5 t variants.
The advantages of the Fuso Canter TF are just as varied as the applications which the vehicle is able to tackle in the municipal services sector. When it comes to highway services, the versatile truck scores highly with its low frame height and compact dimensions. For garden and landscape maintenance operations, specific popular features include the crewcab which accommodates up to 7 people, and also the small turning circle. In public sector applications, the Canter TF can be deployed as either a left-hand or right-hand drive vehicle. And the "favourite" of the municipal services sector is even able to tackle jobs in the construction sector with ease thanks to its chassis load capacity of up to 5045 kg and towing capacity of 3500 kg.
Fuso Canter 7C18 AMT: waste collector with Faun body
The Mercedes-Benz stand in the hall at Ifat Entsorga 2012 is displaying a 7C18 AMT model Fuso Canter TF with a body from Faun Umwelt­technik. The plus points of the Faun Variopress II 007 waste collection vehicle - which features a container volume of 7.0 m³ and 202-type Zoeller waste bin dumping device - include its tremendous manoeuvrability thanks to the compact dimensions of the 4x2 chassis, the load capacity of around 2000 kg, the integrated beam lifter for DIN containers up to 1100 litres, and also a load mechanism cycle time of around 15 seconds.
The smooth-finished, dome-shaped collection container with its torsion-free steel construction has full-penetration welds and can be adapted to match all suitable chassis types. This allows optimum use of the space between the body and cab for better axle load distribution. The rear part with shovel mechanism comprises a rugged frame with two side walls and a highly wear-resistant loading tray. A special mechanism on the swinging base helps to guarantee high fatigue strength and maximum compression. The compression rate can be adapted individually to match the collection route via the driver's control panel.
Fuso Canter 6C18 4WD: all-wheel-drive Canter with Henschel pickup body
On display in the outdoor demonstration area is an all-wheel-drive Canter 6C18 4WD with a Henschel pickup body. The vehicle provides municipal services operators with a high degree of flexibility. Since both 4x2 and also 4x4 drive variants are possible, this adaptable vehicle offers fuel-efficient operation in all driving conditions. Only available to order since February 2012, the Fuso Canter model features greater ease of operation as well as better handling in snow and on ice and mud, has a gross vehicle weight of 6.5 t and is optionally available with single cab or Comfort crewcab. A special highlight is the all-wheel drive which can be engaged by means of a manually-lockable wheel hub and all-wheel drive switch in the cockpit.
One of the most interesting body variants for the all-wheel drive Canter is the standard pickup body from Henschel. In the case of vehicles in the 4x4 class, an auxiliary frame is supplied on the vehicle's curved frame as a single unit, which balances out the height difference perfectly. This auxiliary frame was developed as part of a collaboration between Fuso and Henschel. The side panels are made of 25 mm-thick anodised hollow aluminium profiles and are 400 mm in height. The bulkhead is attached to the pickup body frame by means of rugged mountings. All pickup bodies more than 4570 mm in length have a detachable pillar as standard. The base plates consist of a multi-bonded wooden check plate with plywood surface produced in Finland or Germany.
Ifat-Entsorga 2012: Fuso Canter, Waste-collection vehicle, Faun Variopress