New features under the Mercedes star: FleetBoard in Mercedes-Benz trucks

Stuttgart, Sep 24, 2014
  • New functions for vehicle management on board Mercedes-Benz trucks
  • The FleetBoard Performance Analysis, Trip Recording and Service features now provide even more information on potential savings
  • Indication of PPC, AdBlue consumption and level, driving programmes and tyre pressure
Four new features in the FleetBoard services promise even greater transparency in the field of vehicle management for Mercedes-Benz trucks. Daimler FleetBoard, the telematics provider for commercial vehicles, will be unveiling the extended functionalities in the areas of Performance Analysis, Trip Recording and Service for the first time at the 2014 International Commercial Vehicle show (IAA). These functions indicate the usage level for Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), AdBlue consumption, AdBlue level, the employed driving programmes and the tyre pressure. The new features will be available from the end of the year, visualising additional savings potential.
PPC in FleetBoard Performance Analysis
More than half of the Actros trucks sold in Germany are now ordered with the PPC assistance system from Mercedes-Benz. In future, FleetBoard Performance Analysis will indicate the level of use of this system for Mercedes-Benz trucks. Users can see from the data evaluation whether the driver is driving without cruise control, with the limiter or with PPC. In addition, speed tolerances in the upper and lower range defined by the driver (also known as hysteresis values) may be analysed. Fuel consumption can be reduced still further via the optimum setting of speed tolerances and the PPC anticipatory cruise control.
AdBlue consumption in FleetBoard Performance Analysis and Trip Recording
Daimler FleetBoard has enhanced the Performance Analysis and Trip Recording services with an additional function. The AdBlue consumption of Mercedes-Benz trucks complying with the Euro V and Euro VI standards can now be determined with the aid of the FleetBoard services. These additional figures assist transport companies in carrying out comprehensive assessments of their operating costs. The FleetBoard trip recording function additionally indicates the level of AdBlue in the vehicle.
Indication of driving programmes in FleetBoard Performance Analysis
The driver may be using manual or automatic transmission or they may have activated one of the special driving programmes in their Mercedes-Benz truck, such as Economy, Power or Off-road. With the new 'Driving programmes' feature in FleetBoard Performance Analysis, the fleet manager can see which programme is being deployed and use this information as a basis for measures to reduce fuel consumption and wear.
Tyre pressure indication in FleetBoard Service
The new tyre pressure monitoring feature in FleetBoard Service will enable operators and fleet managers to ensure the ideal tyre pressure on their Mercedes-Benz trucks in future. This new feature serves to avoid increased wear and fuel consumption as well as unscheduled downtimes.

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