Mercedes-Benz Vans: V-Class, Citan, Vito and Sprinter: versatile basis for individual body and conversion solutions

  • V-Class: exclusive MPV as basis for conversion solutions
  • Citan: one model series, three model types, many variants
  • Vito: the Mercedes-Benz among compact vans
  • Sprinter: the byword for vans in the 3.5 t gross vehicle weight range
From the V-Class through the Citan to the Vito and Sprinter, they all deliver an impressive level of innate diversity ex factory. This quartet sporting the Mercedes star is an excellent platform for tailor-made bodies and conversions for customers requiring alternative drives, equipment scopes, body or weight variants.
V-Class: exclusive MPV as basis for conversion solutions
As an exclusive MPV, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class is an interesting proposition for conversion specialists. With its spacious interior, it is ideal for passengers with restricted mobility – a wheelchair lift as well as special attachment and operating systems help to restore their mobility. The V-Class also provides a comfortable basis for compact camper vans such as the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo. Items such as the SCA pop-up roof from C.F. Maier are available to conversion specialists for this purpose. The technical conversion features can be connected using the optional programmable special module which enables communication with the vehicle electronics.
With its three lengths – compact (4.90 m), long (5.14 m) and extra-long (5.37 m) – the MPV offers just the degree of spaciousness to meet individual requirements. Permissible gross vehicle weights of 2.8 and 3.05 t allow sufficient scope for individual fit-outs.
Conversion specialists are also able to choose from a broad range of engine ratings. The V-Class with turbo diesel engine is available as the V 200 d with an output of 100 kW (136 hp), the V 220 d rated at 120 kW (163 hp) and the V 250 d generating 140 kW (190 hp). In the highest-powered variant, overtorque technology even provides brief boosting to 150 kW (204 hp). Each output variant is based on a turbo diesel engine with a displacement of 2.15 l. The choice further extends to rear-wheel drive or the all-wheel drive system 4MATIC, a six-speed manual transmission or the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission with torque converter which is without parallel in this segment (standard for V 250 d and with 4MATIC all-wheel drive).
Citan: one model series, three model types, many variants
Small wonder: the Mercedes-Benz Citan urban delivery van fits the bill when a combination of compact dimensions with plenty of load capacity and a surprisingly large volume is called for. The Citan covers a broad scope of applications – from simple delivery vans to highly specialised taxis.
The variety begins with its three lengths comprising the compact Citan (3.94 m), the long Citan (4.32 m) and the extra-long Citan (4.71 m) – no-one offers greater choice in this segment. It is available ex factory as a panel van, Mixto and Tourer, covering all requirements from goods to passenger transport and combinations of the two. There is also the Citan WORKER panel van for particularly price-sensitive customers.
The Citan's permissible gross vehicle weight ranges between 1.8 and 2.2 t. The "long" variant of the Citan is particularly flexible, offering a choice of three weight variants.
The range of engine ratings is also attuned to prevailing needs. The compact turbo diesel engine with a displacement of 1.5 l comes in a choice of three output variants rated at 55 kW (75 hp), 66 kW (90 hp) and 81 kW (110 hp). All variants are available in compliance with the current Euro 6 emissions standard. A sprightly petrol variant is alternatively available for customers. This engine has a displacement of 1.2 l and is rated at 84 kW (114 hp). Depending on the specified engine variant, the Citan comes with a five-speed or six-speed manual transmission. The petrol version will also be optionally available with the 6G-DCT six-speed dual clutch transmission from the beginning of 2016.
The Citan offers a diverse scope of particularly useful options ex factory, including different door and window variants, panel vans with a folding load protection grille on the front passenger side, a front passenger double bench seat, a ladder flap at the rear, a load protection grille for the Mixto or a luggage net for occupant protection on board the Tourer. Lashing eyelets are similarly available ex factory in the sidewalls, wood flooring and interior panelling of the load compartment. And last but not least, accessories such as cargo baskets with loading roller, basic roof carriers or ladder racks are available from authorised Mercedes-Benz partners.
Vito: the Mercedes-Benz among compact vans
A breath of fresh air in the compact vans segment: the Mercedes-Benz Vito, which was unveiled last year, does full justice to its slogan "Runs on ambition". The Vito offers exceptional versatility ex factory, comprising the panel van, the Mixto and the Tourer BASE, Tourer PRO and Tourer SELECT. There is also the particularly favourably priced WORKER panel van for cost-conscious customers.
With its three lengths, spanning the compact (4.90 m), long (5.14 m) and extra-long (5.37 m) variants, the Vito offers more choice than any other van in its segment. Three permissible gross weight variants are also on offer ranging from 2.8 t to 3.05 t and 3.2 t.
All good things come in threes in the area of the drive configuration, too: as the only van in its segment, the Vito offers customers a choice between front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. There is also an exceptionally broad variety of engines. In conjunction with front-wheel drive, the compact turbo diesel engine with a displacement of 1.6 l comes in a choice of two output ratings – 65 kW (88 hp) and 84 kW (114 hp). The variants with rear-wheel and all-wheel drive are coupled with a 2.15 l turbo diesel engine rated at 100 kW (136 hp), 120 kW (163 hp) or 140 kW (190 hp).
As an alternative to the six-speed manual transmission, Mercedes-Benz offers the Vito with the 7G-TRONIC PLUS torque-converter automatic transmission, combining economy and comfort in equal portion. It features as standard in conjunction with the highest power rating and 4x4 drive.
The optional equipment for the Vito is unusually diverse – specifically, in respect to commercial applications. Numerous door and window variants or roof rails with rack are available, for example. A highly functional range of items is available for the load compartment, comprising wood flooring, a rail system for securing loads and also tie-down rails on the sidewall and the interior panelling. Roof attachments and carrier systems as well as luggage compartment tubs are available either ex factory or as accessories.
Customers opting for a Vito Tourer are spoilt for choice when it comes to fitting out the passenger compartment and installing seating: two and three-passenger bench seats, bunk and table packages are available, for example. The seats can be installed on wood or plastic flooring, or on a floor with fine carpeting for use as an exclusive shuttle. Various heating and air conditioning systems provide for a pleasant stay on board the Vito, regardless of whether it takes the form of a panel van, a Mixto or a Tourer.
A programmable special module – which enables communication with the vehicle electronics – and a terminal strip for electrical connections are optionally available to assist conversion specialists in connecting their equipment to the basic vehicle. The Vito is favoured not only as a basis for individual commercial vehicles, but also as a vehicle for mobile recreational applications. Examples in this area include the Marco Polo ACTIVITY and numerous camper van conversions. The SCA pop-up roof developed by C.F. Maier in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz is a popular choice among conversion specialists here in order to extend the living space on board.
As part of the VanSolution programme, Mercedes-Benz cooperates with renowned conversion specialists to offer the Vito directly and with a factory guarantee as a refrigerated vehicle and with a fit-out for tradespeople.
Sprinter: the byword for vans in the 3.5 t gross vehicle weight range
The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter delivers the right answer to almost any question: apart from being a byword for vans with a permissible gross vehicle weight in the 3.5 t range, it also boasts exceptional versatility. Compact, standard, long, extra-long – with three wheelbases giving rise to four length variants plus three different roof heights, the Sprinter leaves nothing to be desired. The Sprinter also covers a broad spectrum in terms of permissible gross weight – from three to five tonnes. It is available as a panel van or crewbus, a chassis with cab or crewcab, a chassis without cab base, a low-frame chassis, with single or twin tyres and additionally with super single tyres on the rear axle. Particularly price-sensitive customers opt for the panel van, the WORKER chassis or the CREW crewbus.
Under the VanSolution programme, refrigerator vans and refrigerator bodies, dry freight bodies, three-way tippers, low and medium-height platforms and panel vans with cargo liftgate are available.
On top of this, additional specialised solutions based on the Sprinter are available from diverse manufacturers, covering virtually all types of transport tasks.
Apart from commercial vehicle applications, body and conversion specialists also use the Sprinter for comfortable camper vans. The Sprinter occupies a leading position here, particularly in the high-end segment.
The great variety of drive systems is of advantage to this area of use, as well as other applications. The basic engine for the Sprinter is a 2.15 l turbo diesel engine in the output ratings 70 kW (95 hp), 95 kW (129 hp) and 120 kW (163 hp). The top-of-the-range engine is a V6 turbo diesel generating an output of 140 kW (190 hp) from a displacement of three litres – a level of performance which is unrivalled in this category of vehicle in Europe. All the diesel engines are already available in compliance with the Euro 6 emissions standard, while Euro 6 compliance is standard for the V6.
As alternatives to the diesel engine, the Sprinter is also available with a petrol engine, a bivalent natural gas engine and a monovalent natural gas engine. In each case, these engines generate a power output of 115 kW (156 hp) from a displacement of 1.8 l.
If a six-speed manual transmission features as standard, the Sprinter is also optionally available with a smooth-shifting 7G-TRONIC PLUS torque-converter automatic transmission.
The Sprinter comes as standard with a high-traction rear-wheel drive. On request, a manually selectable four-wheel drive ensures maximum traction off-road as well. This can be further augmented by optional gear reduction.
Overall, the Sprinter is ideally configured for all types of use and the most diverse body and conversion solutions. It is available with transmission and engine power take-offs. Numerous door, window and partition variants are available, along with various seats for the driver and co-driver and seating for the passenger compartment in the crewbus. Interior panelling and flooring, diverse heating and air conditioning variants, an air suspension system for the rear axle and numerous chassis and suspension set-ups enable optimum configuration for individual applications.