Mercedes-Benz Van Rental

In volatile markets and times, speed and flexibility are essential factors for the success of a business. The market for transport services in particular – the so-called CEP sector (Courier, Express, and Parcel) – is growing rapidly. Package and parcel volume has doubled since the turn of the century and is expected to grow further. Many parcel delivery companies experience order peaks that are difficult to manage with their existing vehicle fleets. Demand for flexible van rental solutions is therefore on the rise. Mercedes-Benz Vans Mobility GmbH is meeting this demand with its Mercedes-Benz Van Rental service.

No standardized products: Instead, customized services from a single source

Mercedes-Benz Vans Mobility GmbH (MBVM), which is headquartered in Berlin, was established within the framework of Mercedes-Benz Vans’ future-oriented strategic initiative adVANce. The company is part of Daimler Mobility AG. MBVM therefore not only possesses a high degree of van expertise; it’s also a specialist for vehicle rental services. MBVM has put together a fleet consisting of the complete range of Mercedes-Benz Vans products, with an extensive mix of both standard and sector-specific vehicles.

The company is thus addressing a broad range of commercial customers in the heterogeneous van market – e.g. courier, express, and parcel delivery companies, firms in the skilled trades, passenger transport companies and vehicle hailing firms, various types of service providers, and companies from the fast-growing grocery delivery sector (eGrocery). At the same time, MBVM stands out from competitors that mainly offer highly standardized vans for rent.

Extensive flexibility ensures optimal management of order peaks

Daimler subsidiary MBVM launched an innovative and highly flexible rental service in July 2017: Mercedes-Benz Van Rental. Mercedes-Benz Van Rental is the first rental service that specializes exclusively in van rentals for periods ranging from 24 hours to 24 months.

The company offers two rental rates that differ in terms of their flexibility and customization options: The Flex Rate is designed for short-term rentals. It offers customers maximum flexibility when it comes to exchanging the vehicle or returning it early if the van is not needed for as long as originally planned. A special weekend price also makes the Flex Rate attractive to private customers who want to rent a van for only a short period of time.

The Fix Rate, on the other hand, offers longer-term rental periods of three months or more with a high degree of customization regarding the vans that are rented. More specifically, this rate offers individual sector solutions (e.g. refrigerated vans), customer decals, and many other possibilities.

Additional rental options will be gradually added to the portfolio in the near future, thereby making it even more flexible. These add-on services will include, for example, insurance options that cover international trips, additional drivers, and one-way rentals.

Daimler Mobility at a Glance – Edition 2019
Daimler Mobility at a Glance – Edition 2019