Mercedes-Benz Citan/V-Class: Two vehicles for everyone: new factory-fitted aids for Citan and V-Class

Oct 28, 2015
  • A different way of steering, accelerating and braking
  • Pedals and seats for particularly tall and short drivers
  • VanPartner Paravan supplies lift systems and ramps
Everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from the safety, comfort and technology available at the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz. Consequently, factory-fitted driving aids for people with restricted mobility will be optionally available from next year both for the Citan and for the V-Class. These can offset a diverse range of handicaps. Vehicle and equipment come from one and the same manufacturer: the driving aids are installed at the Mercedes-Benz Cars Modification Center within the Sindelfingen plant. They are provided with the same factory guarantee as applies to the complete vehicle.
A different way of steering, accelerating and braking
A rotary knob is available on board of both the Citan and the V-Class to enable safe and convenient operation of the steering wheel with only one hand. The knob can be fitted as required on the left or right on the steering wheel. Another function enables the combination switch and cruise control lever to be operated alternatively from the right-hand side of the steering wheel, by means of additional levers.
The V-Class is optionally available with the "MFD Touch" multifunction knob. This is fitted to the left or right-hand side of the steering wheel and serves as a radio remote control for low beam, high beam, indicators, horn and windscreen wipers. The ergonomically shaped button panel facilitates use of the knob. All the functions can be performed without the driver having to let go of the steering wheel.
A hand control unit enables accelerating and braking by hand. On the "Classic" model, turning the knob accelerates the vehicle, while a gentle push forwards applies the brakes. On the "Easy Speed" hand control unit the same effects are obtained by pulling and pushing the lever respectively. The original accelerator and brake pedals remain available for use. An optional pedal cover can be fitted to prevent unintentional operation of the pedals, however.
Pedals and seats for particularly tall and short drivers
Optional pedal extensions are available as a safe and comfortable option in the Citan and V-Class. These reduce the distance from the pedals between five and ten centimetres, according to individual needs. The pedal extensions are fitted over the existing pedals and are simple to remove again.
The accelerator pedal can optionally be relocated to the left in the Citan and V-Class. In this case, an additional unit is fitted on the left-hand side in the footwell. The user can select whether the right or left-hand pedal is to be used via a switch on the dashboard. This option requires an automatic transmission (V-Class) or a 6G-DCT dual clutch transmission (Citan).
Particularly tall drivers benefit in the Citan and V-Class from the option of relocating the seat 50 mm to the rear. The height of the driver's seat can additionally be raised by 25 mm in the Citan. Mercedes-Benz also supplies the Citan with a fold-away protection mat for the door sill on the driver's side.
VanPartner Paravan supplies lift systems and ramps
More extensive modifications are carried out by the specialist company and VanPartner Paravan in close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Vans. Paravan installs ramps or lift systems for electric wheelchairs on the sliding door or the tailgate of the V-Class, for example. It also fits docking stations and transfer consoles for the driver and/or co-driver.