Mercedes-Benz Arocs

Jan 21, 2016
  • specialist for on- and off-road operations
  • Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive: start assist at the push of a button
  • Wide choice of cabs and axles
The Arocs Euro VI is among the trucks which Mercedes-Benz developed especially for tough assignments. This model is suitable for demanding off-road tasks both in winter and road maintenance service, and can also be adapted to suit customer needs as a roll-off container truck/skip loader.
The fuel-efficient BlueTec 6 engines come in 16 different output levels from 175 kW (238 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp). As six-cylinder in-line engines with turbocharging and intercooling, they are designed for high tractive power from an engine speed only just above idling. The four displacement variants ranging from 7.7 l through 10.7 l and 12.8 l to the new top capacity of 15.6 l in the new OM 473 generate maximum torque of 1000 Nm to 3000 Nm.
As standard, the engine power of the Arocs is transmitted by automated Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmissions. Different drive programmes have been specially developed and can be implemented according to the vehicle's application. The available drive configurations range from the 4x2 two-axle vehicle with rear-wheel drive to the 8x8 and 8x8/4, a four-axle truck with all-wheel drive and two steered front axles. Four-axle vehicles with one front and three rear axles, a broad choice of air-sprung vehicles or concrete mixer chassis with enhanced load capacity and featuring a tandem drive and single tyres are just a few examples of the variety available ex factory in the Arocs range.
Seven cabs are available in 14 variants. Apart from the product group "Loader", there is also a "Grounder" Arocs group. The Loader exploits the available weight-saving potential to the full. In contrast, the stable and robust Grounder is designed for assignments in tough conditions.
Whichever truck is required for an individual application, the Arocs is uncompromisingly tailored to it. For example with different frames, or with an air or steel suspension at the rear axle.
Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive: start assist at the push of a button
Mercedes-Benz supplies the Arocs without all-wheel drive for predominant use on the road and in mild terrain, with selectable all-wheel drive for terrain of medium difficulty and with permanent all-wheel drive for heavy-duty off-road use. The Arocs with Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive (HAD) now rounds out the product line-up as another variant. The term describes a hydraulic auxiliary drive for the front wheels for occasional off-road use.
The practical advantages: While payload is paramount for classic construction site vehicles with bulk cargo, loading and unloading requires high traction. Roll-on/roll-off tippers require a traction aid when unloading on unpaved or slippery ground. This is especially true when the truck is also used on the side for winter road maintenance during the cold months. Plus there are regions or areas with heavy snowfall where the road conditions are difficult. The Mercedes-Benz Arocs HAD is the perfect vehicle for all these applications.
The operation of Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive is quite simple for the driver: all it takes is a push of a button in the cockpit and the auxiliary drive is active. This can be done while still on the road before entering the construction site, or at any time in off-road terrain. In this way the driver is able to master even unforeseen situations with the Arocs HAD.
Like the Actros and Antos, the Mercedes-Benz Arocs can be equipped with a turbo-retarder clutch (TRC) which allows wear-free starting and a high braking performance. At the same time it reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Wide choice of cabs and axles
The Arocs is driving into spring 2016 with additional variants. Four-axle chassis with an engine tunnel height of 320 mm instead of 170 mm are new. The correspondingly lowered cab offers the advantage of a lower overall height for dump trucks. It is generally easier to climb in thanks to a smaller distance between the steps. Also new: all Arocs with a cab width of 2500 mm receive an interior in friendly light almond beige.
Also new is a further extended offering of drive axles: The three-axle versions with two driven rear axles are now all also available both with a permissible axle load of 2x10 t (26 t GVW) and 2x13 t (33 t GVW) from 310 kW (421 hp).
Mercedes-Benz Arocs
Mercedes-Benz Arocs
Mercedes-Benz Arocs
Mercedes-Benz Arocs
Mercedes-Benz Arocs