MULTIBEAM LED headlamp technology: Best lights as standard

Jun 24, 2019
Stuttgart/Salt Lake City

As the GLE, the new GLS sets lighting standards in the SUV segment. The GLS has MULTIBEAM LED headlamps as standard (depending on the market), with a total of 112 LEDs per headlamp. During the day, the three-part integrated daytime running lights provide a subtle hint to the S-Class status of the GLS. At night, the efficient, bright and durable technology provides excellent illumination in front of the vehicle on and off the road.

The central comfort feature of the optional MULTIBEAM LED is Highbeam Assist Plus. It is able to control 84 LEDs of each headlamp individually and thus adapt the headlamp range and shape of the light cone continuously to the current traffic conditions. This enables other road users to be specifically excluded from the light beam, and the high-beam headlamps can make full use of their range. Another advantage is that when approaching strongly reflecting traffic signs, the MULTIBEAM LED headlights dim their light intensity accordingly.

All-new: the off-road light

If the GLS is equipped with the Off-Road Engineering Package and the drive mode Off-Road+ has been selected, the lighting system provides support with a particularly wide and bright light distribution. The cornering lights are permanently switched on. This helps when negotiating difficult stretches of terrain at night, as obstacles can be recognised more easily.

Whether in poor weather or on the motorway: the lights adapt accordingly

On country roads the nearside road verge is illuminated more brightly and widely than with conventional low beams. When the system recognises a built-up area, it automatically activates the city light function for urban traffic. Thanks to symmetrical distribution of the low beams and dimmed cornering lights, paths or not easily seen entrances and exits are illuminated to best effect. If the low beam headlamps are able to use data from the HDD navigation system, they already activate a wide cone of light ahead of junctions and roundabouts. Low beam is also activated on the relevant side when steering into tight bends at slow speeds.

At higher speeds and long bends, the active cornering lights even provide anticipatory support. It already illuminates the bend before the driver turns the steering wheel.

The headlamps also have the right answers to inclement weather conditions that often lead to irritating reflections: in unfavourable light conditions, the extended fog light function illuminates the outer half of the road lane more brightly. Adverse weather light is activated when the windscreen wipers are operating constantly, specifically dimming individual LEDs in rainy and wet conditions. The two together ensure that oncoming traffic and the driver suffer less dazzle.

The integrated ULTRA RANGE high beam gives an even longer range. This auxiliary high beam is switched on when Highbeam Assist Plus has been activated, no other road user is detected, the road ahead is straight and the speed is above 40 km/h.

And finally, MULTIBEAM LED in conjunction with HDD navigation adapts to right or left-hand traffic when crossing a border.

Intelligent light: the rear lights also adapt

The light intensity of the brake lights and indicators in the adaptive all-LED rear lights is automatically adjusted to suit the ambient light conditions. This makes the GLS easily recognisable for other road users in any situation – and at the same time avoids dazzling them.

Whenever it is unlocked or locked, the vehicle welcomes its driver with a brief light show – the headlamps are discreetly activated and transition into a shining white beam.