Location East London, South Africa

As of December 31, 2020

Mercedes‑Benz C‑Class Sedan

Foundation year: 1948
Number of employees: approx. 3,300
Annual production figure: > 50,000

  • The Mercedes-Benz East London plant is part of the global production network for the C-Class, along with the lead plant in Bremen. This includes the BBAC joint venture plant in Beijing (China).
  • On South Africa’s Eastern Cape, C-Class sedan cars for right and left-hand drive markets are produced for export.
  •  Since the production launch in May 2014, the current C-Class, the fifth vehicle generation of the high-volume classic, has been manufactured here.
  •  In1958 Car Distributors Assembly Ltd. began contract manufacturing for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In 1984 the then Daimler-Benz AG acquired 50.1 percent of United Cars and Diesel Distributors UCDD. Since then, the company has been registered as Mercedes-Benz of South Africa (MBSA).

Further information

Location manager: Andreas Engling
Homepage: www.werk-eastlondon.mercedes-benz.com