International campaign for the market launch of the smart EQ fortwo and forfour models: Bold new ventures with smart

International campaign for the market launch of the smart EQ fortwo and forfour models: Bold new ventures with smart
June 2018

Stuttgart "Be first. Drive electric."– under this motto, smart is launching an international campaign to accompany the market launch of the smart EQ fortwo and forfour models. The campaign with a strong digital bias centres on boldly trying out something new and the pleasure to be had in helping to break new trends. This special "be first" moment may vary from one person to another – and may take the form of driving an electric vehicle, for example. A special feature of the campaign's development and implementation is the "creative agency hub", which involved four agencies working together by way of a co-creation approach. The campaign is to run in Germany until the end of July, after which it will be on air in other European markets.

"Being number one – that is a perfect fit with smart. Since the beginning of the brand, we have radically redefined urban mobility. We are the first automotive brand now to offer the entire model range – smart fortwo, cabrio and forfour – as all-electric vehicles. Our radical approach also extends to the area of electric mobility, where our vehicles and the innovative smart ready to services provide simple solutions to help our customers avoid daily hassle and inconveniences in the city. The Be First campaign shows that electric mobility is fun, radical, simple and ideal for the city. "The campaign presents the complex topic of electric mobility in a light-hearted manner through stories from protagonists' everyday lives," explains Denise Heinermann, Head of Marketing Communications smart. "The campaign is aimed at young, post-modern, urban progressives who are curious and open to new ideas. They can experience their very own personal Be First moment with all the electric models belonging to the smart family: environment-friendly, zero-emissions motoring in the city – driving enjoyment included."

The campaign adopts a digital, always-on approach, whetting appetites for electric mobility on various levels. The integrated moving image campaign spans the areas of TVC, product film and pre-rolls, editorial stories, how-to films, features and social snippets for smart's international digital channels and platforms. All content is to be prepared and implemented along target group- and channel-specific lines.

Central focus on moving image and digital content

"The campaign centres on moving image content which conveys a clear stance on the topic of electric mobility and showcases the smart EQ fortwo and forfour models on- and off-line," says Carolin Güthenke, Head of smart Marketing Communications. In the film "Be First Manifesto", which is also to be used as a TV sport, smart makes a strong case for electric mobility. The imagery takes up the "First" and "Second" theme: there is a subtle difference between being "first" and "second". Driving the smart EQ fortwo or forfour models is about blazing a new trail and setting trends. "The first and the second" – so close, yet decidedly different. The film shows the happy moments of people who break free of conventions and other people's expectations.

The second film of the campaign – the "Magic Date Drive" – also homes in on the "Be First" moment. In the age of Facebook, Tinder and Co., blind dates are nothing rare. The unknown and the unexpected provide a special thrill and turn the situation into a "Be First" moment. In the film, smart features as the initiator of these "magic dates". The special feature is that the dates take place in the car during a test drive. The film shows the most emotional moments.

Editorial stories and how-to videos

For use on social media, the campaign includes additional moving image elements. The editorial stories show influencers from the worlds of fashion, food and music on their way to their "Be First" moment. A street musician enjoys his first live appearance in front of a large audience thanks to smart, for example


Entertaining how-to videos provide information on key features of the smart EQ fortwo and forfour models. Topics from the field of electric mobility are explained here with a certain lightness of touch: charging, range and the intelligent features smart EQ control app and smart ready to share. Product pages including a vehicle configurator at round off the digital measures. The eMobility hub additionally serves as a comprehensive source of information on all aspects of electric mobility.

Street-style presentation

The campaign motifs showcase the smart EQ fortwo and forfour models in their natural habitat: the city. The photographs are in the style of a "premium snapshot". Based on "street photography", the vehicles are depicted with urban avant-gardists - with a glossy aesthetic, but with a perfection all of their own. The motifs will appear in various formats - always under the claim "Be first. Drive electric." and the message "Intelligent - and fun". 


In accordance with smart's "creative agency hub" model, BBDO Berlin was responsible for the campaign motifs and banners, the programmatic advertising and the measures for dealer marketing. The fischerAppelt agency implemented the integrated moving image concept. This covers smart's digital channels, the TV spot and the product film. Fuel was responsible for media strategy and planning. The JEFF Berlin agency developed the central theme for the campaign.


smart EQ campaign; smart EQ fortwo cabrio
smart EQ campaign; smart EQ fortwo
smart EQ campaign; smart EQ forfour with a 4.6 kW fast charger: Combined power consumption: 13.2 – 13,1kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km*; smart EQ forfour with an optional 22 kW fast charger: Combined power consumption: 14,0 – 13,4kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km*
smart EQ campaign; smart EQ fortwo: Combined power consumption: 13.0 - 12.9 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km*; smart EQ fortwo cabrio: Combined power consumption: 13.1 – 13,0kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km*;  smart EQ forfour: Combined power consumption: 13.2 – 13,1kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km*