• Stuttgart/Mammendorf, Oct 17, 2013 - You can see at first glance that this Unimog U 500 is something really special: the vehicle is painted silver and the Palfinger Crane PK 34002 SH is not painted in its usual red, but green, "because that is the colour of our company logo," according to Gerhard Hamburger, Managing Director of Beton- und Stahlbau Hamburger GmbH.
  • Stuttgart/Wörth, Aug 3, 2011 - For over 60 years the Unimog has been setting standards with its economic efficiency and unique vehicle concept. Especially when doing municipal work, the safety concept of the Mercedes-Benz implement carrier sets a good example of how to avoid accidents and minimise any follow-up effects in advance.
  • Stuttgart/Ilmenau, May 17, 2011 - With his Mercedes-Benz U 400 Unimog, Jens Seiner is adept at finding clever and simple solutions. Just like Columbus when discovering America, the owner of Autotechnik Seiner manages to devise simple solutions to problems for which there is no apparent solution. In order to be able to collect timber efficiently from the forest and deliver it to timber specialists a long way away despite rising diesel prices, Seiner uses a combination of two different methods of transport: His Unimog is fitted with a timber crane superstructure to collect tree trunks from the forest, and then a Unimog truck-trailer unit delivers the goods to the customer.
  • Stuttgart/ Wörth, Dec 21, 2010 - In Gaggenau in1996 the initial development started on a new Mercedes-Benz Unimog generation for use as an implement carrier, the so-called product range 405. It was first introduced in 2000 during a symposium in Mainz for experts in road maintenance and repair and was launched afterwards in an unprecedented product show with various attached and mounted implements which was held in all over Germany. In the meantime, two further independent product ranges, the U 300/U 400/ U 500 and the Unimog U 20, have been developed as successors to the classic Unimog with its outstanding off-road mobility.