Full service from Mercedes-Benz Vans: new Van ProCenter, Junge Sterne and Rescue Assist App

Sep 21, 2016
  • Van ProCenter: dedicated van specialists
  • Junge Sterne: top-quality used vans
  • Rescue Assist App: greater safety

Any van is only as good as the service behind it. Mercedes-Benz is known for providing outstanding services – and now they are getting even better. The new Van ProCenter excel when it comes to procurement and customer care. Junge Sterne are the best used vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and fully guaranteed – and now also include vans. The new Rescue Assist App is a valuable source of information that helps the rescue services save lives at the scene of an accident.

Van ProCenter: dedicated van specialists

By professionals for professionals: Van ProCenter from Mercedes-Benz offer customers an outstanding expert service for vans. With selected Mercedes-Benz companies becoming van competence centres and thus demonstrating maximum professionalism, Mercedes-Benz Vans is providing its customers with a comprehensive range of van-related services which go significantly beyond the already very good existing sales and service offering.

There are Van ProCenter in Germany and 10 other European markets. In Germany alone, more than 200 selected locations are set to become Van ProCenter in future. Companies may only use the label following an external audit. By next year, more than 50 percent of locations across the German distribution network for vans will be certified as Van ProCenter.

Customers benefit from a considerably enhanced value proposition in terms of quality, customer care, product presentation and servicing. The focus at Van ProCenter is on the various fields of application and the associated vehicle-related requirements as well as body and conversion solutions.

Display vehicles are an integral part of the showroom. There highly trained consultants provide advice on all aspects of the product, procurement, servicing, financing or add-on equipment, including industry solutions. If desired, consultants will visit customers directly to save them both time and money.

Van ProCenter also have a high number of vehicles available. As centres of genuine van-related expertise, they are able to offer test drives in all Mercedes-Benz van models at short notice.

Special services such as a collect-and-return service for maintenance or repairs as well as extended opening hours complete the offering. The benefits are convenient accessibility, minimum downtime and as little organisational effort for customers as is possible. In the event of a vehicle breakdown, Van ProCenter can arrange replacement vehicles. When faced with spikes in demand, customers can obtain additional vehicles for short periods of time at short notice using the CharterWay rental service.

Junge Sterne: top-quality used vans

Stars shine in the pre-owned vehicle universe too, with Junge Sterne being the best used vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. Now Junge Sterne vans are also available. High in quality and thoroughly inspected, these used vehicles are no more than six years old and have covered no more than 120 000 km. A certificate confirms the impeccable condition of each vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz provides a comprehensive range of services for its Junge Sterne, the centrepiece being a 24-month vehicle warranty as for a new vehicle. This demonstrates that Junge Sterne are as good as new. The vehicle will also come with a 12-month mobility guarantee, valid throughout Europe, which can be extended if regular maintenance is carried out by an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer. The main inspection on a Junge Sterne vehicle will have been performed within the past three months and maintenance is next scheduled at the earliest for six months' time or after 7500 km. The mileage is guaranteed and test drives are in most cases possible within 24 hours.

Attractive financing, leasing and insurance offers are also available. The advance payment is flexible and the contract duration can be tailored to individual requirements. An existing vehicle can be traded in at a fair price based on a free valuation. The best idea: if the van proves to be unsuitable, the buyer can exchange it within 10 days.

Rescue Assist App: greater safety

Although Mercedes-Benz vans are, without exception, pioneering when it comes to safety matters, the possibility of accidents cannot be prohibited entirely. Even in this eventuality, however, Mercedes-Benz Vans strives for a high level of safety. An example is the updated Rescue Assist App. It is aimed at the emergency services whose job it is to rescue accident victims from vehicles. The Rescue Assist App provides access to digital rescue data sheets for all Mercedes-Benz vans built since 1996. The latest update features three-dimensional views as well as an augmented reality (AR) mode. Here the parts relevant to the rescue are overlaid virtually on the silhouette of the stricken vehicle and shown on a smartphone or tablet. The person in charge of the rescue operation can mark cutting points on the vehicle and make this information available to his or her team via a smartphone or tablet.

Scanning the QR code inside the fuel filler flap on a Citan or on the B-pillars of a Vito or Sprinter will open the relevant rescue card for that vehicle in the language preference set on the mobile device. The app supports 25 languages. The Rescue Assist App also functions offline as the rescue cards are installed as part of the app. This means that rescue services can access the rescue data sheets without problems, even in locations without a good internet connection.