FleetBoard Drivers' League: full commitment for the best driving style score

FleetBoard Drivers' League: full commitment for the best driving style score
April 2015
  • FleetBoard Drivers' League for truckers and truck fleets starts in 19 countries on June 1, 2015
  • Registrations accepted from May 1 at www.driversleague.com
  • Most economical driving style wins the international competition
  • Among the prizes of the German Drivers' League is the chance to participate in the "AMG Driving Experience" event
Stuttgart – Starting on June 1, it will be time again for drivers from 17 European countries as well as from Brazil and South Africa to compete against each other in the FleetBoard Drivers' League. The competition is about achieving the best score for driving style in everyday trucking routine as determined by the FleetBoard operating analysis. Each month, contestants competing at the national level will have the opportunity to secure victory in the categories "Best Driver" and "Best Team". At the end of the five-month competition, the best overall driver and the best overall team of a nation will be determined. The best drivers of a country are awarded great prizes. Among the prizes to be won in the German Drivers' League are an off-road drive with the Mercedes-Benz Zetros and participation in the AMG Driving Experience, an event featuring the latest AMG models.
Thorsten Maschmeier will also compete in the FleetBoard Drivers' League again this year and has been practising fervently. When the trucker takes the wheel, he is not only concerned with delivering his load to the customer on time, but also with driving in an especially fuel-saving and wear-minimising way. As a result, his boss Christian Senz, member of the management of international freight forwarder DSTS Jürgen Senz GmbH, lowers his fuel and maintenance costs by up to 15 percent. "My motto is full commitment instead of full throttle“, says Maschmeier, "because I also benefit from an economical and anticipatory driving style.“ His goal: he wants to get on the podium this year and take home the win.
The personal score is composed of factors relevant to wear and fuel consumption such as anticipatory driving, changes in speed and braking behaviour. Truckers have to drive at least 4000 km a month and the higher their score is, the better their ranking.The bar is set high for Maschmeier: the winner of this year's Drivers' League has some big shoes to fill because Denny Hohmann finished the 2014 Drivers' League in first place of the drivers' standings in Germany with a score of 9.88. Nonetheless Thorsten Maschmeier is optimistic: "I look at it in the spirit of the Olympics. It's no tragedy if I or my team don't win. Taking part is everything! We are all winners because we are having fun at work and at the same time are doing a good deed for the employer and the environment“.
From May 1 to September 30, operators and drivers can sign up for the 2015 Drivers' League at . The website will assign every participant a profile which they can personalise with their private data. The site will also display their current ranking and that of the competitors. In addition, they can add other contestants as so-called buddies to get inspiration from their performance.
In Europe, the Drivers' League starts in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

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FleetBoard Drivers´ League for truckers and truck fleets starts in 21 countries on 1 June 2015.
From l to r: professional trucker Thorsten Maschmeier and the management of the freight forwarder DSTS Jürgen Senz GmbH, Jürgen Senz and Christian Senz, are looking forward to the 2015 FleetBoard Drivers´ League.