Exceptional comfort functions: Sophisticated detail solutions

Jun 24, 2019
Stuttgart/Salt Lake City

Nobody buys a car because of its windscreen wipers or because it is ready for the carwash at single touch of a button. But the perfection in particular behind these commonplace functions demonstrates the standard of Mercedes-Benz: The best or nothing. Three of these highlights here under the microscope.

The windscreen wipers and washer system: not just clean ...

Already as standard, the new GLS features a fine windscreen wiper: twin wiper arms with flat wiper blades powered by an electronically controlled reversing motor, which means that it changes its direction of rotation without a mechanical gear. Their precise and even action allows low-noise cleaning of the largest possible swept area, helped by the extending wiper arm on the front passenger side. A rain sensor fitted as standard adapts the wiper interval to the level of rainfall. As an optional feature, the washer system can be heated by the waste heat from the engine coolant, which increases the cleaning action of the washer fluid especially in winter to ensure the five-litre capacity goes further.

However, the special highlight in matters of windscreen cleaning is the further advanced MAGIC VISION CONTROL. It saves nearly 50 percent of washer fluid compared to a conventional system and provides clear forward visibility. The intelligent system precisely meters the washer fluid according to the prevailing conditions, e.g. the ambient temperature and road speed. The warm washer fluid is distributed onto the windscreen along the entire length of the wiper blades by sophisticated channels and hoses, always on the side towards which the blade is currently moving.

There is no film of water to obscure the driver's vision. The cleaning process runs fully automated in line with the current conditions when the driver briefly taps the switch once. MAGIC VISION CONTROL selects the suitable programme and wipes the windscreen with just as much water as necessary. The driver can focus on what is happening further up ahead. In addition to heating the washer fluid, MAGIC VISION CONTROL also keeps the wiper blades free of snow and freezing slush in winter thanks to a newly developed wiper blade heater. In summer, MAGIC VISION CONTROL demonstrates its intelligence in a different way: When the large panoramic sliding sunroof is open, the system never sprays so much water that it could enter the roof opening.

The large panoramic sliding sunroof: good to see, little heard from

The newly developed panoramic sliding sunroof, available as an option, is 50 percent larger than the corresponding roof of its predecessor and consists entirely of heat-insulating tinted single-pane safety glass. Its two glass sections extend over the entire width and length of the roof. The back of the front segment can be raised and moved far back over the rear fixed glass roof, which extends to the C-pillar. What is special about it is that the panoramic sliding sunroof in raised position automatically adjusts its opening to the vehicle speed to prevent wind noises.

The glass roof allows a clear view of the sky on every seat, also in the optional third row. And when the sun shines too brightly, it can be shaded along its entire length with an electrically adjustable roller blind.

However, if the carwash beckons when the weather is nice, reaching for the controls of the sliding sunroof is not required. There is another command that helps not to forget anything.

Carwash function: ready for cleaning with one command

The new standard feature is the carwash function - which comes in very handy, especially in a large and lavishly equipped vehicle like the GLS. When this function is selected, the suspension moves to the highest position, which reduces the track widths due to the axle geometry. This makes it easier to drive into a carwash as well as remove any dirt remaining in the wheel arches from the last off-road trip. And all equipment features that could cause a mishap when driving through the carwash are automatically secured:

  • Folds in the exterior mirrors.
  • The side windows and the sliding sunroof are closed (except in USA, where only the status is displayed due to legal provisions).
  • Suppresses the rain sensor information so that the windscreen wipers remain switched off in the carwash.
  • The alerts of PARKTRONIC are suppressed.
  • Switches the climate control to air-recirculation mode and, after eight seconds, activates the 360° camera's front image to assist the driver when driving into the carwash 
  • These settings are automatically deactivated when the driver drives out of the carwash and accelerates to a speed above 20 km/h.