Electronic toll payment now possible with FleetBoard telematics in Hungary

Electronic toll payment now possible with FleetBoard telematics in Hungary
June 2015
  • Daimler FleetBoard is first OEM telematics provider to simplify toll payment in Hungary
  • Electronic toll settlement without additional hardware
  • FleetBoard services provide position data
Stuttgart – Throughout almost all of Europe, fees must be paid for using motorways, tunnels and bridges. The different fee collection and toll systems in the EU are increasing the burden on, and costs incurred by, fleet operators. But toll payment has now been made simpler for the Hungarian road network thanks to the Daimler FleetBoard telematics system. Together with e-track Informatics, an auditing services provider for toll management in Hungary, Daimler FleetBoard is the first OEM telematics provider to enable electronic payment for toll roads based on FleetBoard data.
Without any additional costs or another on-board unit (OBU), FleetBoard users can process toll settlement electronically. The FleetBoard Mapping and FleetBoard Track&Trace services are required to take advantage of this feature. FleetBoard Mapping shows a variety of vehicle data on a global road map, such as routes and current traffic information for example. This information is further supplemented on the map by a 30-second position interval, which is transmitted every 10 minutes via the Track&Trace service. Both services provide position data for charging the toll fee. Once the fleet operator has given e-track Informatics the right to use the position data, the company deals with the processing of the toll collection.

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