Design: A sports car in its purest form

Nov 17, 2014
The new Mercedes-AMG GT embodies the sensual purity of sportiness and emotion. The two-seater is characterised by hallmark rear-wheel drive proportions. The long bonnet with its pronounced powerdomes, the greenhouse which has been moved far back, the large wheels and broad rear end make up the distinctive looks of the Mercedes-AMG GT.
Positively arched surfaces give the Mercedes-AMG GT its sensuous character and the appearance of a sculpture. Viewed from the side, the dome-shaped, arched roof line and the frameless doors are eye-catching features. A muscular element sculpted out of the side wall creates a sense of lightness and dynamism, even when the vehicle is at a standstill. The surfaces and lines of the side wall flow into the rear-end with a dramatic tapered effect.
The GT deliberately avoids lines in the shoulder region. The only line is one lower down, picked up again in the rear bumper, which stretches the body and makes it appear lighter. The side air outlets, each with two fins, represent a typical, styling feature of Mercedes-Benz sports cars. The GT has no visible aerials which could disrupt the overall appearance.
The creative interaction of diverse design elements lends the coupé a superior, self-confident front: the three-dimensional diamond radiator grille, with central Mercedes star, a broad louvre and AMG lettering, stands in the centre of the front end.
LED High Performance headlamps with stylised "eyebrows" as daytime running lamps, side lights and indicators, as well as three separate high-beam reflectors lend the GT its characteristic look. An AMG logo on the chrome trim in the upper corner of the headlamps is a discreet indication of membership of the Mercedes-AMG model family. The nighttime light signature is dominated by the LED light spots of the low-beam headlamps and the "eyebrow" – an unmistakable facial expression.
Large air intakes optimise the flow of air to the cooling modules. The A-wing with front splitter in the lower third of the front apron, a characteristic feature of AMG vehicles, makes the sports car appear low-slung and wide. While the front splitter is painted in the body colour on the GT, it comes with a high-gloss black finish on the GT S. Overall, customers can accentuate the exterior design according to their personal preferences: there is a choice of the Exterior Silver Chrome package, the Exterior Night package and the Exterior Carbon-Fibre package (see section Interior and appointments).
Broad shoulders for an emotional overall appearance
With its base areas, broad shoulders and narrow tail light graphics, the rear area creates an emotional overall appearance. The licence plate bracket is located in the lower part of the bumper, allowing the Mercedes star to be placed prominently on the smooth-surfaced boot lid. Added to which is an extendable rear aerofoil, which is concealed from view while the car is at a standstill. The black diffuser insert with tailpipes integrated into the bumper and the trim strip in matt iridium silver inspired by the A-wing in the front create an appearance of lightness across the entire tail end.
Extremely flat, wide LED tail lights with new sequential indicators reflect state-of-the-art technology. 18 individual prismatic LEDs on each side indicate where the driver intends to turn by sequentially lighting up from the inside to the outside. Two slim red strips enhance the rear aspect at night. There is also a discreet AMG logo in the tail lights. The reversing lights and rear fog light – also both in LED technology – are located in the centre of the rear apron under a common lens.
The tail lights underline the sporty styling of the rear as well as the attention to detail and sophistication – form and function combine in a unique way to create a perfect unit.
Interior: sensuality, emotion and perfection
The interior design also embodies maximum emotion and sensual purity. Radically low, sporty proportions create a unique sense of spaciousness. Clearly drawn components and their authentic materials underscore the dynamic character and create instant excitement: anyone opening the door discovers an exciting interplay between the deep, sloping dashboard and a dominant, arched high centre console, a design which evokes emotions and impresses with its perfection.
The central "aviation design" theme, which is the hallmark of Mercedes-Benz sports cars, has been restyled. The extreme emphasis on the width of the dashboard, which creates an impression of a powerful wing, dominates the cockpit of the GT. Four central spotlight-style vents and the individual vents at the right and left ends of the dashboard reinforce the impression. In conjunction with the high beltlines, the concave-shaped door panelling and the dynamic centre console, the GT comes across as a genuine driving machine and consummately integrates the driver into the cockpit thanks to the low seat position.
The dominant centre console appears to be a feature lifted straight from motor racing by virtue of styling reminiscent of a NACA air intake, as well as the surfaces and authentic materials that have been used – there is a choice of high-grade materials such as matt carbon-fibre, high-gloss carbon-fibre and, for the first time, matt silver glass-fibre bedded in silver chrome and black diamond. Positioned centrally in the dashboard, the free-standing central display is an eye-catching feature. Attention to detail is also echoed in the AMG DRIVE UNIT controls: they are arranged like eight cylinders in a V layout, emphasising the powerful and high-tech impression made by the centre console.
Outstanding precision and a superior quality feel thanks to the finest materials with superb workmanship are also apparent on the sports seats, the performance steering wheel and the instrument cluster. The most important control for sports car fans is located in the AMG DRIVE UNITon the left-hand side: the button for starting the engine, which is labelled "Engine Start Stop" and illuminated in red.
Mercedes-AMG GT, design
Mercedes-AMG GT, design
Mercedes-AMG GT, design
Mercedes-AMG GT, design
Mercedes-AMG GT, design
Mercedes-AMG GT, design
Mercedes-AMG GT, design
Mercedes-AMG GT, design
Mercedes-AMG GT, design