Daimler supports Cyber Valley research initiative through endowed professorship

Stuttgart, Dec 15, 2016
  • Automated learning as a key topic for the future
  • Endowed professorship for Entrepreneurship in the Digital Transformation

Stuttgart – Daimler AG is reinforcing its involvement in research into the key future topic of artificial intelligence, and participating in the Cyber Valley research initiative as a partner. The research alliance comprises the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems with its two facilities in Tübingen and Stuttgart, the University of Tübingen, the University of Stuttgart and six partners from industry.

One of the aims of the scientific and business initiative is to create the same kind of constructive conditions for successful start-ups in the field of automated learning as Stanford University did in Silicon Valley in the field of digital technology. That is why Daimler is funding an endowed professorship for "Entrepreneurship in the Digital Transformation".

Anke Kleinschmit, Head of Group Research at Daimler: "With Cyber Valley, we are reinforcing the knowledge landscape in Baden-Württemberg and promoting a key future topic. Artificial intelligence has the potential to take digitization in the automotive industry to a new level, having left the realms of science fiction a long time ago. Progress with respect to autonomous driving and the many potential applications for development, production, sales or even entirely new mobility services prove this impressively."

Self-learning, intelligent systems will fundamentally change the way we live and work. The anticipated upheaval has the potential to cause one of the greatest revolutions in the history of modern civilization. The aim of the new research initiative is find an answer to the question of how Baden-Württemberg and Germany can have a defining influence on this revolution. At the same time, Cyber Valley is to be set up as an international center for in-depth research and a start-up platform for marketable applications. Training excellent up-and-coming researchers is part of the project, with up to 100 Ph.D. student places.

This will create one of Europe's biggest research partnerships in the field of artificial intelligence, in which the state of Baden-Württemberg will invest more than EUR 50 million in the years ahead.

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    Daimler supports Cyber Valley research initiative through endowed professorship
    Daimler supports Cyber Valley research initiative through endowed professorship