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Daimler U.S. entities embark on a new era as Mercedes-Benz

Jul 1, 2022
Farmington Hills, Michigan

Farmington Hills, Michigan – Following the name change of Daimler AG to Mercedes-Benz Group AG on February 1, 2022, [which was announced at https://group.mercedes-benz.com/company/news/daimler-becomes-mercedes-benz-group.html]  U.S. car entities previously branded under the “Daimler” name in the United States will become Mercedes-Benz branded entities on July 1, 2022. The new structure of a pure-play car & van business has been established after the successful Daimler Truck spin-off.

U.S. entities changing their name include the following:

  • Daimler North America Corporation will become Mercedes-Benz North America Corporation
  • Daimler Finance North America LLC will become Mercedes-Benz Finance North America LLC
  • Daimler North America Finance Corporation will become Mercedes-Benz North America Finance Corporation
  • Daimler Investments US LLC will become Mercedes-Benz Investments North America LLC
  • Daimler International Assignment Services USA, LLC will become Mercedes-Benz Assignment Services Americas, LLC
  • Daimler Purchasing Coordination Corp. will become Mercedes-Benz Purchasing Coordination Corp.
  • DA Investment Co., LLC will become Mercedes-Benz Corporate Investments, LLC

The Group’s renewed focus on the automotive business is being underlined with a new name. The world-famous brand Mercedes-Benz was created in 1926 when the predecessor companies of Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler were merged with the aim of revolutionizing automobile production. The two pioneers had already presented their ground-breaking inventions independently of each other in 1886, heralding the beginning of the automotive age.

Daimler U.S. entities embark on a new era as Mercedes-Benz
Daimler U.S. entities embark on a new era as Mercedes-Benz