Daimler Heritage:TOPICS FOR NOVEMBER 2010

Oct 1, 2010
120 years ago – 28 November 1890: Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) was officially established following notarial certification of the company in Stuttgart. Earlier, on 14 March, a preliminary contract had been signed by Gottlieb Daimler, Max Duttenhofer and Wilhelm Lorenz.
110 years ago – 22 November 1900: The first Mercedes 35 hp was completed. With its many technical details, this was the great-grandfather of the modern car.
100 years ago – 12 November 1910: The race for the American Grand Prix in Savannah, Georgia, US, ended with a one-two victory for Benz. David-Bruce Brown and Victor Hémery crossed the finish line just seconds apart. Their racing cars were based on the Benz grand prix model of 1908.
75 years ago – November 1935: Foreign manufacture of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars began with the production of Mercedes-Benz rear-engined 130 models in Denmark.
65 years ago – November 1945: Daimler-Benz was given authorisation from the Allies to produce the Mercedes-Benz 170 V (W 136 I series) as a pickup, panel van and ambulance.