Daimler Heritage: Topics in February 2011

Jan 4, 2011
75 years ago – from 15 February to 1 March 1936:
The world's first series-produced diesel passenger car, the Mercedes-Benz 260 D (W 138), was unveiled at the International Automobile and Motorcycle Show in Berlin. Also on display at the show were the new passenger car models 170 V (W 136) and 170 H (W 28).
65 years ago – on 22 February 1946:
The first car engine to be built after the end of the war, a 1.7 litre four-cylinder model for the Mercedes-Benz 170 V, was produced in Untertürkheim.
60 years ago – on 24 February 1951:
Daimler-Benz competed in the "Premio Presidente de la Naciòn Juan D. Peron" in Argentina with three pre-war W 154 racing cars.
25 years ago – from 3 to 8 February 1986:
Daimler presented key vehicle safety elements in Rovaniemi, Finland – acceleration skid control (ASR) for passenger cars and commercial vehicles and the automatic locking differential (ASD) for the automatically activated four-wheel drive (4MATIC) in passenger cars.