Daimler Financial Services continues to trail blaze mobility-on-demand for global consumers and smart cities

January 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada/Stuttgart, Germany
  • Daimler Financial Services benefits from customer-centric value proposition and new opportunities for mobility services.
  • Mobility Services division realizes double-digit growth in 2018 for number of customers (31 million) and transactions (186+ million), due to growing global demand and broad suite of services.
  • Benedikt Schell, Chief Experience Officer and Member of the Board of Management at Daimler Financial Services at CES 2019: "Customers choose their preferences within our mobility ecosystem; our unique portfolio of products and services are their trusted companion on the journey.”

Las Vegas, Nevada/Stuttgart, Germany – During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Benedikt Schell, Chief Experience Officer and Member of the Board of Management at Daimler Financial Services, demonstrated how Daimler AG and its portfolio of products and on-demand-services is able to help shape cities today through predictive mobility.

For the first time, Daimler Financial Services offers insights into its global mobility ecosystem, which opens new business opportunities in the age of “mobility-on-demand.” Within the last ten years, the company’s Mobility Services division established a mobility ecosystem that is functioning as a one-stop-shop for cities and customers, using the smartphone as the catalyst to fit customers’ mobility needs.

“In the past, a city defined our mobility through rigid routes and products. But today, we are helping cities shape mobility. Customers make decisions on how to be mobile and our services and technology are their trusted companion on their mobility journey,” stated Benedikt Schell, Chief Experience Officer and Member of the Board of Management at Daimler Financial Services.

Mobility ecosystem: public transportation included

By creating a holistic ecosystem of mobility in urban areas, Daimler Financial Services is using data generated by the various mobility platforms and using complex, proprietary algorithms to better-predict mobility preferences with a high rate of accuracy. This applies to various times of the day, in any weather condition and anywhere within a city.

Thanks to the advancement in data analytics, it is now possible to optimize availability. This means that each car in the company’s car sharing fleet is located in close proximity to demand, and thus available to satisfy customer’s needs. By incorporating public transportation into mobility services offerings, customers have a 360-degree perspective, which makes it attractive for cities to build their mobility infrastructure together with mobility partners like Daimler Financial Services.

Based on the three successfully operating mobility services, car2go, mytaxi and moovel, Daimler Financial Services is able to provide a seamless customer journey today in more than 130 cities and 19 countries by understanding mobility trends.

car2go: more than a decade in free-floating car sharing

car2go launched in 2009 and offers all the advantages of a car — without the expense of owning one. Parking, gas and insurance are included and car2go is available 24/7. car2go is available in ten cities in North America, including Austin (TX), New York City (NY), Chicago (IL), Denver (CO), Portland, (OR), Montreal (CAN), Vancouver (CAN), among others. With a global fleet of 14,000 thousand vehicles, a car2go is rented every second.

moovel: Mobility-as-a-Service pioneer serving 6.2 million people

With its Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform, moovel offers cities and transit authorities a toolbox they can use to help integrate various mobility providers. One of the most important components is the mobility app allowing users to find, book and pay for public transportation tickets, as well as other mobility options such as car sharing, ride hailing, and rental bikes. In the U.S., moovel is the leading provider of mobile-ticketing apps.

mytaxi: Number one taxi app in Europe

The mytaxi app was launched in 2010. mytaxi is part of Daimler’s ride-hailing group which also includes beat, Clever Taxi and Chauffeur Privé. The ride-hailing revolution of mytaxi is based on a simple principle: order, pay and rate your taxi within one app. Today, more than ten million customers use this service around the globe.

Continued focus on the U.S.: Blacklane, FlixMobility and Via

The U.S. is one of several top markets related to mobility services. Daimler Financial Services believes the potential for significant growth exists and is targeting its efforts to capitalize on those opportunities. Focus areas include creating a new ecosystem of mobility. Beyond platform and car sharing, the company has expanded its presence through a diverse mix of strategic mobility partnerships, such as: FlixMobility, which owns the FlixBus brand and is radically changing the customer experience in long-haul bus travel; the premier chauffeur service Blacklane; and Via, one of the leaders in dynamic, on-demand shared-ride technology.

Preparing for autonomous fleets

As automotive technology evolves, so too will the services to support autonomous fleets. From financing, logistics and maintenance to predictive analytics, Daimler Financial Services is looking at how its expertise in fleet management and subscription services can support Daimler’s autonomous product strategy. Together with Bosch this year, the company will offer customers automated shuttle service on selected routes in San Jose, California. This pilot is expected to demonstrate how a stable of mobility services, such as car sharing (car2go), ride hailing (mytaxi) and multimodal platforms (moovel), can be intelligently combined to shape the future of mobility.

“With the pilot in San Jose, we will test how predictive mobility can shape cities in the age of autonomous mobility. Smart management of autonomous fleets will be based on customers’ needs,” said Schell. “Mobility on demand, like car2go, moovel and Via, already today build the groundwork for future applications, including for autonomous vehicle usage.”

31 million customers worldwide: record performance for growing Mobility Services division

Daimler Financial Services today also announced that its mobility portfolio with car2go, moovel and mytaxi/Intelligent Apps* realized double-digit growth and benchmark results as of December 31, 2018. The company had 31 million customers. Compared to the previous year, this represents a 75% increase in the number of users of car2go, moovel and the ride-hailing group, which includes mytaxi, Beat, Clever Taxi and Chauffeur Privé. More than 186 million transactions were recorded in 130 cities worldwide last year.

*Ride-Hailing Group: mytaxi and Intelligent Apps GmbH with beat, Clever Taxi and Chauffeur Privé.

In the U.S., Daimler Financial Services’ mobility portfolio, with car2go and moovel, serviced six million customers and generated 33.8 million transactions in 2018.

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Daimler Financial Services continues to trail blaze mobility-on-demand for global consumers and smart cities