Daimler Buses at a glance – strategy


Buses have been an indispensable part of society throughout the world for more than a century. And this is not about to change – on the contrary: we assume that the importance of buses in the passenger transportation sector will increase significantly in the coming years, for both short and long-distance travel.

Firstly the backlog in demand in African countries, the Near and Middle East, India and Latin America speaks in favor of this supposition. A second factor is increasing urbanization combined with the growing interest of people in sustainable mobility. And thirdly the huge advancement in technology – electric, connected and automated driving – which affects the whole mobility industry also speaks in its favor.

Thus there are important megatrends where we can see definite potential. We want to shape and use these opportunities. Not as an end in themselves, but because our customers and their customers – the passengers – will profit from better products, services and mobility solutions.

To do this we are focusing on the "three plus one" strategic fields of action:

First of all: our global market presence. In our traditional core markets we are the market leader – in some cases for several decades. Here we will continue to grow or gain shares in the markets – by, for example, continuing to expand our product portfolio as is currently the case with the new minibus generation. At the same time, we will grow in new markets, particularly in North Africa, the Near and Middle East, south-east Asia and India. We have everything that is required of products geared to local requirements like our BharatBenz buses for the Indian market. At the same time we are looking at the possibility of further new products – derived from synergies between Fuso and Daimler Buses, for example. Our global production network and our regional centers with their proximity to customers are further pillars providing us with an even broader base for future international activities.

Our second strategic field of action, technology leadership and sustainability, is both an aspiration and an obligation: as the inventor of buses, traditionally we stand for the safety, economy and comfort of urban buses and touring coaches. We have repeatedly set standards for our industry, most recently with Sideguard Assist and Active Brake Assist. With that same power of innovation we will advance topics of the future such as electric or connected driving for our customers. Thus the electric drive will become a standard element of our drive mix for short and medium-range travel. It will complement our highly efficient and clean Euro VI diesel engines and our buses with natural gas and hybrid drive. Furthermore we will assist our customers in the change to electric fleets. This includes advising them in the configuration of electric fleets and charging stations as well as the IT connection of electric buses to operating management and much, much more.

As far as connected driving is concerned, we are sure: when combined with the intelligent evaluation of real-time data, we will achieve added value for everyone. We have been working towards this with our OMNIplus On brand. This includes services such as OMNIplus Uptime with which fleet operators can avoid downtimes and optimize workshop visits. OMNIplus On drive supports bus drivers during the departure check and when reporting damage. We are also offering helpful services for dispatchers, workshops and purchasers.

With our third field of action, business excellence, we are creating the prerequisites necessary to optimally implementing our strategy. This includes bundling development and production competence – Mannheim, for example, is our center of competence for series production of electric vehicles. in order to achieve economies of scale, we will strengthen the interplay of our worldwide Daimler Buses production network as well as the interplay with Daimler colleagues outside of the bus division.

A recurrent topic in all strategic fields of action is the strategic co-operation with partners. And for a good reason: with the proper partners we are able to gain additional expertise in new technologies and services; with them we can tailor our products as precisely as possible to the needs of new markets and customers and we can test innovations fast and comprehensively within the Group to then launch them on the market with economies of scale. So there are many good reasons for partnerships. We at Daimler Buses don't hesitate to enter into partnerships wherever they make sense.

And as a general rule, the following applies: in the coming years, the megatrends and the market environment will offer much potential for our whole industry – both technologically and economically. We are convinced that we at Daimler Buses can use this potential effectively: We will provide our customers with the best comprehensive offer– with the best vehicles and the best package made up of services, consultancy and mobility solutions. This is our understanding of our task, that is our vision: Daimler Buses. The leading supplier of buses and mobility solutions around the globe.