Daimler Buses at a Glance

As of March 03, 2021

Welcome to Daimler Buses!

The 2020 fiscal year was a truly exceptional year for Daimler Buses! The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the bus industry hard, as it did so many other sectors. Global bus markets contracted by almost 40 percent.

Despite these difficult structural conditions and a corona-related drop in sales, Daimler Buses was able to build on its market leadership in all of its core markets. In 2020 we were once again the undisputed market leader in the EU 30 (European Union, Norway, Switzerland), as well as in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Turkey. In order to support our customers and, therefore bus drivers and passengers, from coronavirus infection, we brought numerous retrofit solutions to the market and converted buses to serve new applications such as COVID-19 patient transport, testing and vaccinations.

The situation in bus markets will remain tense in 2021. However, we still look to the future with confidence: We will continue to invest in our strategic projects and will keep our long-term strategic objectives clearly in sight.

Our objective is to keep expanding our markets in the most important sales regions the world over. We have extended our product portfolio with our Mercedes-Benz Intouro intercity bus and the new Mercedes-Benz OF 1621 bus chassis for Brazilian charter use. We continue to build up our global market presence through our regional centers, such as those in Taiwan and Vietnam.

In addition, we are driving forward the electrification of public passenger transport with our Mercedes-Benz eCitaro, which is now also available as an articulated bus. Since last year it has been available with solid-state batteries and, as of this this year, with a new generation of lithium-ion batteries. In our next previously announced step, we will bring eCitaro to the market with a fuel cell as a range extender.

By expanding our digital services we aim to increase the operational safety of our fleet along with our customers’ profitability. Daimler Buses is also striving to open up new business areas in the field of mobility solutions by means of strategic partnerships that will contribute to the transformation of the bus industry.

We are certain that when the pandemic is behind us people will want to travel again, which will normalize our business. We will help ensure everyone can participate in sustainable passenger transport, that cities are places where people enjoy living and that our customers keep the world moving!

All the best,
Yours, Till Oberwörder