Chassis and safety: specific configurations for panel van and crewbus

Sep 1, 2010
  • Vans with high-tech chassis featuring totally new tuning
  • Exceptionally stable, comfortable and safe handling
  • Marked increase in payload, according to model variant
  • Powerful brakes and a host of invisible safety features
  • Safety equipment to the very highest standard
The rear-wheel drive has benefited the Mercedes-Benz Vito's driving dynamics and handling ever since the current model series was first introduced. The new Vito additionally features a completely new chassis which has been configured specifically with the transport of passengers and goods in mind. This new chassis raises the benchmark for ride comfort and driving safety to a new level. The Vito continues to lead the way, offering an unparalleled high standard of safety and an unmatched scope of assistance systems as part of the standard equipment.
Vans with high-tech chassis featuring totally new tuning
While the Vito's front axle continues to be based on independent wheel suspension with spring struts, Mercedes-Benz has carried out a complete redesign of the axle's finer points of detail. The host of new elements cover suspension springs and spring retainers, supporting bearings and suspension strut towers, transverse links including bearings, anti-roll bar and bearings. The modified axle setting ensures improved response. The steering additionally employs a new, improved characteristic.
A similar situation applies to the driven rear axle. Here too, the sophisticated basic design involving independent wheel suspension on semi-trailing arms has been retained, but the development engineers have completely reconfigured the springs, auxiliary springs and shock absorbers and designed new bearings for the shock absorbers. The new bearings for the control arms have been designed with a special emphasis on comfort, with separated functions for longitudinal and lateral forces on the front axle. The anti-roll bar and its bearings are also new developments.
In keeping with the different service conditions and requirements for the vehicles, the respective models feature different rear axle configurations: in the case of the Vito panel van and the Mixto the focus is on a particularly robust design to cope with the highest possible loads, while the suspension and damping on the Vito crewbus are designed to afford passengers maximum comfort.
Exceptionally stable, user-friendly and safe handling
These developments provide for extremely precise, predictable and safe handling accompanied by outstanding comfort, running characteristics and noise levels across all Vito variants. The Vito range offers the very highest standards of ride comfort, driving enjoyment and driving safety. Such all-round quality can only be topped by the air suspension including automatic level control on the rear axle, which is available ex-factory.
Marked increase in payload, according to model variant
Whether you run a craftman's firm , a courier service or any other kind of business, you'll have little in the way of worries when it comes to loading the Mercedes-Benz Vito. The development engineers have raised the permissible gross vehicle weight, accompanied by a noticeable increase in the payload. The standard gross permissible vehicle weight is now 2.80 t (previously 2.77 t), while all models of the new generation are also optionally available as a 3.05 t variant. According to model variant, the increase in payload may amount to as much as 100 kg. The Vito with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 3.2 t remains top of the range in terms of payload. A variant with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 2.5 t is available for export. Comfort and safety come in an attractive guise for commercial operations, too: the Vito is now optionally available with new five-spoke 17-inch light-alloy wheels fitted with 225/55 R 17 tyres.
Powerful brakes and a host of invisible safety features
The Mercedes-Benz Vito comes with an unparalleled range of safety and assistance systems as standard. All models feature a brake system with powerful and robust disc brakes on all wheels, electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and adaptive brake lights which display an emergency braking signal when the brakes are fully applied.
Numerous invisible safety features are also on board. The ESP Electronic Stability Programme with anti-lock braking system (ABS), acceleration skid control (ASR) and brake assist (BAS) is obligatory for all Vito models. Vehicles which are factory-fitted with a trailer coupling come with trailer stabilisation (also known as trailer stability assist -"TSA"-) as standard. Start-off Assist (AAS), an automatic tyre pressure monitoring system, the PARKTRONIC parking and manoeuvring assistant and a reversing camera are optionally available to supplement the Vito's comprehensive range of comfort and safety features.
Safety equipment to the very highest standard
In the event of an accident, the Mercedes-Benz Vito is also provided with the highest standard of safety equipment to limit the consequences. The driver's and front passenger's seats are provided with height-adjustable three-point seat belts, belt tensioners, belt force limiters, seat belt reminders and two-way head restraints. Driver and front passenger airbags also feature as standard (panel van: driver airbag). Thorax sidebags and windowbags are optionally available. All passenger seats at the rear of the Vito crewbus are fitted with integrated three-point seat belts and two-way head restraints. A label on the side bolsters in the Vito crewbus and Vito Mixto now indicates the seats which are provided with standardised anchor points for child seats – a minor but particularly important measure when children are to be transported in child seats in taxis or in private use on board the Vito, for example.