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Available from Mercedes-Benz partners now: Genuine accessories for the new C-Class

Available from Mercedes-Benz partners now: Genuine accessories for the new C-Class

Mar 13, 2014
An upgrade into the next-higher class – the feeling of modern luxury conveyed by the new C-Class is also reflected in the range of high-quality genuine accessories. Highlights include the user-friendly Garmin® MAP PILOT navigation system for retrofitting, as well as four interior fragrances for the optional AIR-BALANCE package featuring ionisation, more efficient air filtering and fragrance. Customers wishing to individualise the vehicle's look can do this with attachment parts from Mercedes-Benz Sport Equipment, or choose from a wide range of light-alloy wheels. The new carrier rail system forms the multifunctional basis for roof boxes or bicycle carriers. These genuine accessories for the new C-Class are available from Mercedes-Benz partners with immediate effect. .
If an Audio 20 CD is on board, it is possible to retrofit the user-friendly Garmin® MAP PILOT navigation system. Its strong points include exact accurate map data and excellent route guidance. The navigation software and the map data are stored on an SD card, which is simply inserted in the dedicated slot of the Audio 20 CD. Garmin® MAP PILOT uses the standard colour display above the centre console, featuring a high-resolution map display with the look and feel of Garmin®. Additional navigation instructions are displayed in the instrument cluster. 3D views with exact representation of streets and buildings and photo-realistic junction and lane assistants make orientation easier. Intuitive operation is provided by the controller or the touchpad. The character recognition feature of the touchpad allows text input. Furthermore, users can input letters, symbols and numbers in their natural handwriting thanks to the character detection feature. The touchpad recognises the characters and uses them automatically - for navigation destinations, for example. The touchpad therefore provides an additional operating option apart from scrolling and LINGUATRONIC voice control.
The COMAND Online multimedia system is also available for retrofitting. COMAND Online also allows digital TV/radio reception, for example, and offers a host of other features including fast hard-disc navigation, automatic tailback avoidance via up-to-date and accurate "Live Traffic Information", integrated WLAN hotspot functionality and the LINGUATRONIC voice-operated control system.
A wide variety of connection options for smartphones, MP3 players and other mobile devices are possible with the Media Interface Consumer Cable, various versions of which are available for the new C-Class. They can be used to connect devices via the 30-pin Apple iPod Dock Connector, Apple Lightning Connector and micro USB. Further information is available at .
Like the S-Class, the new C-Class can be optionally equipped with the AIR-BALANCE package. This optional extra improves the air quality in the interior with a more efficient air filter, an ioniser and a fragrancing system. Fragrance and ionisation can be switched on and off. In addition the intensity of the interior fragrance can be adjusted in 3 stages. The AIR-BALANCE package comes with a flask of the fragrance "FREESIDE MOOD" and a set of miniature vials containing this fragrance plus three others for test purposes. The fragrance FREESIDE MOOD and the three others - NIGHTLIFE MOOD, DOWNTOWN MOOD and SPORTS MOOD - are available as genuine accessories in attractive 15 ml glass flasks. An empty flask which can be filled with a perfume of individual choice is also available.
Dynamic appearance
Under the label Mercedes-Benz Sport Equipment, Mercedes-Benz offers an extensive portfolio of elegant and sporty products designed to add individual appeal. The dynamic appearance of the new C-Class can be optionally accentuated even further with the front apron spoiler lip[1], roof spoiler and the rear spoiler from Mercedes-Benz Sport Equipment. The roof spoiler creates a coupé-like extension of the roof line into the rear window. This makes the rear view appear even more compact and powerful. Rearward visibility is not compromised. All mounted parts are made of dimensionally stable, precisely fitted polyurethane, and require no entry in the vehicle's registration document. The primed components can be painted in the desired colour and installed by a Mercedes-Benz partner.
The sports pedals[2] from Mercedes-Benz Sport Equipment are available in two versions for models with a manual or automatic transmission. Their common feature is polished stainless steel pedals with slip-resistant studded inserts.
The illuminated door sill panel from Mercedes-Benz Sport Equipment is an eye-catching feature by day or night. The brilliantly white-illuminated "Sport" lettering[3] is inset into an elegantly polished stainless steel strip.
An unusual night-time appearance is provided by the illuminated Mercedes star, available for vehicles with a centrally positioned star. Fibre-optic cables and LED lights illuminate the central star on the radiator grille when the car is locked and unlocked by remote control, and when doors or the luggage compartment are opened.
The range of genuine accessories also includes numerous light-alloy wheels. These wheels are available in sizes 16, 17, 18 and 19 inches, and therefore suit all engine variants. One of the highlights is a 48.3 cm (19-inch) 6-spoke wheel in himalayas grey with a high-sheen finish in size 7.5 J x 19 (front) and 8.5 x 19 (rear). Newly developed for the C-Class, there is also a 45.7 cm (18-inch) multi-spoke wheel in high-sheen matt black, a 43.2 cm (17-inch) high-sheen 5-spoke wheel in tremolite metallic and a 40.6 cm (16-inch) 10-spoke wheel in vanadium silver metallic
Multifunctional transport solutions
The transport capacity of the C-Class can be expanded with genuine accessories, while adding striking visual highlights: the new carrier rail, for example, is modelled on aviation design and provides the multifunctional basis for all Mercedes-Benz transport and recreational accessories such as roof boxes or bicycle carriers. Thanks to quick mountings, no tools are necessary to install the basic carrier rail.
Smaller items can be stowed in the boot safely and securely with the EASY-PACK comfort box. When not in use, the box is folded down beneath the parcel shelf to save space. When stowage space is needed it can be unfolded at the touch of a button, and its capacity can be varied between 7 and 55 litres by means of an expansion mechanism. It can be loaded up to a weight of 10 kilograms.
Other useful accessories include the collapsible shopping crate, the zig-zag loading sill protector as a fold-out mat protecting the bumper and loading sill from scratches, and the stowage box. This can be divided into four sections with the help of rigid separating walls, and is ideal for stowing shopping bags, for example.
[1] available from 06/2014
[2] available from the 3rd quarter of 2014
[3] available from the 3rd quarter of 2014
Mercedes-Benz Original Accessories for the C-Class: Four distinctive aromas are available for the innovative cabin fragrance atomizer of the available Air Balance Package. Glass Vial: DOWNTOWN MOOD (sensual, fruity and aromatic)  Glass Vial: NIGHTLIFE MOOD (woody, oriental, amber (y))  Glass Vial: FREESIDE MOOD (citrus, flowery, tea) Glass Vial: SPORT MOOD (green flowery citrus)
Mercedes-Benz Original Accessories for the C-Class: COMAND Online with 6-DVD Changer and Mercedes-Benz Apps for COMAND Online.
Mercedes-Benz Sport Equipment for the new C-Class: Rear spoiler, paintable in desired colour. This product is only available for the C-Class limousine. More information under: