All Expectations Have Been Met: Daimler Trucks North America Has Subjected BlueTec SCR Technology to Tests Totaling 25 Million Miles

Detroit, USA, Sep 9, 2009
  • Daimler Trucks North America ensures efficiency and reliability of BlueTec for EPA10
Detroit, USA – Detroit Diesel, the engine manufacturer that belongs to Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), has subjected BlueTec SCR technology in trucks to tests totaling 25 million miles. By the time SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology is introduced in January 2010, the test vehicles will have been tested for a total of 28 million miles. This will make SCR technology one of the most thoroughly tested exhaust technologies in the United States as well.
After being extensively tested over a total distance of 25 million miles, SCR technology, which has been established in Europe since 2005, is now ready for use in the NAFTA market. Detroit Diesel engines with SCR technology will be introduced on January 1, 2010, when the U.S. emissions standard EPA10 takes effect.
BlueTec stands for Daimler’s commitment to mastering today’s ecological challenges while also ensuring exemplary performance and savings in terms of fuel consumption. Since the launch of this technology in the spring of 2005, Daimler Trucks has delivered more than 237,000 trucks and buses with BlueTec technology to customers around the world.
The North American version of BlueTec will be used in the DD13, DD15 and DD16 engines recently introduced by Detroit Diesel. “We are delighted that we will be able to offer SCR, the best technology for our customers, starting in 2010. BlueTec will go down as one of the most thoroughly tested exhaust systems in the history of our company,” said David Siler, who is responsible for marketing of Detroit Diesel engines. “We started the tests in Europe ten years ago, so we had lots of time to optimize the design of the system and its performance. We also were able to acquire solid experience during the testing and evaluation,” adds Siler.
According to Siler, the most recent studies show that the benefits of SCR are widely recognized in the truck sector in North America. As soon as the customers investigate the technology and learn all the facts, SCR becomes their first-choice technology for staying competitive under EPA 2010. “It was only a matter of time until the customers were going to demand lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions,” Siler explained. “SCR is the only tried and tested technology that offers both benefits.”
Rakesh Aneja, who is responsible for the EPA 2010 program at Detroit Diesel, also is convinced by BlueTec: “We will fully attain our goals concerning optimization of performance, emissions, fuel consumption, long service life, and reliability. Our current calculations show diesel consumption savings of up to five percent compared to today’s engines,” said Aneja. Together with their vehicle colleagues at DTNA, the engine developers from Detroit Diesel tested the BlueTec system under a range of conditions in terms of use environments, operation, and routes driven. “The results of our validation tests fully meet our expectations and offer our customers fuel efficiency while also reducing emissions and carbon dioxide,” reports Aneja.
Nearly 100 percent of all big diesel engines for the U.S. and Canada produced after January 1, 2010, will be equipped with SCR technology. The BlueTec technology used for Detroit Diesel engines features a modular design and is suitable for road use and various sector-typical applications.
A company of Daimler Trucks North America, Detroit Diesel is a leading manufacturer of on-highway diesel engines for the commercial vehicles market. The company headquarters are in Redford, Michigan.

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