Portable smart navigation system II for the smart fortwo: Smart guide through the concrete jungle

Portable smart navigation system II for the smart fortwo: Smart guide through the concrete jungle
March 2008
The smart fortwo’s savvy concept is designed for the city. Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is now offering a new guide for the nimble two-seater that enables smart fortwo drivers to find their way through the urban maze of an unfamiliar city. The "portable smart navigation system II" is as extraordinary as the smart principle itself: with its optimum integration into the car, clear voice output and high-resolution TFT colour monitor, it makes mobile navigation a joy. With its state-of-the-art design it not only boasts shameless good looks, but also fits perfectly into the interior of the smart fortwo.
Smart solution for a smart car: the portable smart navigation system II is attached directly to the instrument panel by means of a special mount. The optimum ergonomic positioning on the dashboard enables a perfect view of the monitor. The touchscreen system is also easy to operate thanks to the large, logically aligned buttons. The clearly structured menu operation doesn’t keep you guessing, either.
What’s more, the smart mount provides significant advantages in terms of safety over standard retrofitted solutions with a suction-cup fixing. Before its release the device was tested in accordance with smart’s rigorous safety requirements and it remains safely in its mount both on front and rear impact.
Hear, hear: the spoken directions come out of the car’s speakers
A further benefit is that the system is integrated into the car’s electronics system, enabling countless additional comfort-enhancing functions. The suggested routes are announced with voice instructions from the car speakers. The radio switches over automatically, meaning that the driver can always hear the information clearly. Further, as the device is fixed to the instrument panel, it is always connected to the power supply (when the ignition is on) and is therefore always ready for use - a further intelligent detailed solution à la smart.
The portable smart navigation system II was developed in cooperation with the US manufacturer Garmin, one of the most renowned producers of mobile navigation devices with many years of experience in the car, motorcycle, yacht, off-road and outdoor sectors.
Nifty flatscreen: the large monitor is both the screen and the operating panel
A range of well-conceived details facilitate orientation without demanding too much of the driver - typically smart. This includes the zoomable or three-dimensional map display that provides different perspectives on the street. On particularly blind bends the system automatically switches to the optimum display mode. The device also has automatic day and night adjustment. An additional function enables the driver to vary the brightness individually.
The high-resolution, anti-reflection and high-contrast widescreen colour monitor measures 4.3 inches (10.9 centimetres) diagonally and thus offers a considerably greater viewing and operating area than standard devices. With a depth of just 2.0 centimetres the smart system is one of the flattest units on the market. It can be integrated into the car in no time and is immediately ready for use. If it is not required it can be removed just as quickly and can be carried with you in the supplied bag. There is no better protection against theft than that.
It’s a matter of principle: smart drivers do not sit in traffic jams
To prevent smart fortwo drivers from unnecessarily wasting time in traffic jams, the system has a "traffic-jam avoidance function". The unit receives the necessary TMC (Traffic Message Channel) signals via the car’s radio antenna, guaranteeing optimum reception. For the quickest possible drive home the portable smart navigation system II also incorporates the "home function": a push of a button is all you need and the most direct route to your pre-programmed destination is located. If you want to take in a particular shopping address or drop in on friends for an espresso, you can enter an intermediate location as an additional function.
In acoustic terms the new device never leaves its users in the dark. The smart system’s voice directions are even more precise than many mobile retrofittable solutions on the market. Thanks to the "text-to-speech" function the electronic guide always issues clear and unambiguous directions. The hi-tech device further not only knows the street names, but also the turn-off points ("At the second road on the left turn into Königsallee").
Sauntering through Europe: over two million meeting points for smart drivers
Mobility without borders: the unit stores detailed road data for 33 European countries. As well as comprehensive maps, over two million "points of interest" are stored. These include petrol stations, hotels and tourist attractions as well as restaurants and bars. As an additional, exclusive service the driver can find the addresses of the smart Service Centers in Europe under the "smart dealers" section. The system also incorporates an integrated MP3 player and a Bluetooth® interface.
The price of the device including mount and 19% VAT is EUR 539 plus fitting costs in Germany. The portable smart navigation system II will be available from all smart Centers in the second quarter of 2008.

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portable smart navigation system II
portable smart navigation system II
portable smart navigation system II
portable smart navigation system II
portable smart navigation system II
portable smart navigation system II