A variety of services for the driver, fleet management and haulage commissioning: Daimler at the transport logistic 2015 trade show

Stuttgart, Apr 20, 2015
  • FleetBoard: the key to boosting competitive advantage – reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure safety
  • CharterWay: rental and servicing from a single source
  • TruckWorks: full service for vans, trucks and trailers
  • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services: specialist leasing and finance services for the transport industry
  • MercedesServiceCard: no cash required - throughout Europe
  • Mercedes-Benz Service24h: round-the-clock assistance
  • Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts: top form assured throughout the vehicle's service life
  • Predictive Powertrain Control: anticipatory cruise control can be retrofitted as of now
Stuttgart - Acknowledged to be the leading international trade show for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management, transport logistic in Munich (5 - 8 May) is this year once again expected to draw in more than 50,000 trade visitors from around the world. Daimler will be presenting its comprehensive range of product and service offerings for transport companies on the FleetBoard stand (201/302) in Hall A6. The range extends from a comprehensive portfolio of telematics solutions for driver, vehicle and transport management, to financing, vehicle rental, servicing and ensuring mobility for vans and truck-trailer combinations as well as cashless payment for fuel and other services while out on the road.
FleetBoard: the key to boosting competitive advantage – reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure safety
Low costs and increased productivity and safety are the key to boosting the competitive advantage for transport companies. The across-the-board telematics solutions from Daimler FleetBoard provide a huge range of data relating to the driver, fleet and orders, network the logistics system and thus deliver transparency at and on all levels. This results in maximum efficiency and minimal operating costs in driver, vehicle and transport management through optimised vehicle utilisation, lower fuel consumption and greater vehicle availability.
FleetBoard will be launching two new apps at transport logistic. They offer control centres a further opportunity to link up with their drivers: The FleetBoard DispoPilot.app helps companies to flexibly integrate other transport resources into their processes, such as subcontractors with their own smartphone or tablet. Both company owners and drivers benefit from the app, which offers features from the FleetBoard Transport Management.
The second new app to be launched at the trade show is the FleetBoard Driver.app. For the first time this gives drivers direct access to their data in the time management and driving analysis modules. The app - which is free of charge - also has a pool of fitness tips stored, and it provides a platform for networking with other drivers.
The FleetBoard Consulting division assists customers in integrating FleetBoard into their existing IT set-up and in implementing individual workflows for their transport management. New: from this summer, consultancy services will be offered not just in German, but also in the local language in France, the UK, Poland, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Over 100 companies are already benefiting from a tailored and overall solution from FleetBoard Consulting.
CharterWay: rental and servicing from a single source
Rental of trucks, vans and trailers, services and servicing in combination with leasing – Mercedes-Benz CharterWay offers services and mobility from a single source in every aspect of procuring, servicing and managing commercial vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. Over 120,000 commercial vehicles are administered by CharterWay in Germany.
CharterWay's haulage commissioning model has been enhanced in time for transport logistic 2015, and takes account of the logistics industry's pressing demands for greater flexibility. The product has now been set up to be modular, allowing all customers to put together their own programs to suit their specific requirements. For this reason the old haulage commissioning model has also been given a new name: CharterWay LogisticsPartnerProgram. With the CharterWay LogisticsPartnerProgram, large logistics and haulage companies will be able to offer their subcontractor haulage companies even greater flexibility in the future. CharterWay and the logistics companies, in a form of strategic partnership, define certain vehicle models together with financing terms and rental products. Purchasing, finance, leasing, ServiceLeasing, long-term rental agreements that can be terminated ahead of plan and ordinary long-term rental agreements can all be considered. The customer is the transport company working for the large logistics or haulage company and can access the full range of services offered in the CharterWay LogisticsPartnerProgram.
TruckWorks: full service for vans, trucks and trailers
TruckWorks, a Mercedes-Benz brand, specialises in offering servicing for vans, trucks and trailers from a single source. Whether it be maintenance, vehicle testing, repairs or other services, TruckWorks takes care of every aspect of vans and tractor units as well as trailers, semitrailers and bodies across the whole of Germany. Some 100 establishments out of a total 800 sales and service locations for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in Germany have now become part of the TruckWorks organisation.
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services: specialist leasing and finance services for the transport industry
Mercedes-Benz Bank offers a diverse range of leasing and finance options specifically for the transport sector. One in every two commercial vehicles bearing the star in Germany is (part-)financed through a Mercedes-Benz Bank agreement, that is to say more than 250,000 trucks, vans and buses and coaches. Globally - through Daimler Financial Services - that figure rises to more than 900,000 commercial vehicles in 40 countries. With bundled services comprising financing, insurance and vehicle servicing, customers can cover their transport requirements and all their operating risks with a single monthly payment. That means minimal administrative expense and maximum cost transparency.
MercedesServiceCard: smarter and swifter trucking
You can bank on this card - the free-of-charge MercedesServiceCard is a real trump card: it allows you to refuel and pay road tolls at reasonable rates and attractive terms and conditions. It can also make it possible to use Mercedes-Benz Service24h and other helpful services without the need for cash. Through our specialist partner UTA, with the MercedesServiceCard customers benefit from a supply network that comprises over 35,000 diesel stations across Europe. The target groups for the MercedesServiceCard are truck and van fleets, as well as bus and coach fleets.
Mercedes-Benz Service24h: round-the-clock assistance
Mercedes-Benz Service24h ensures direct assistance in the event of a breakdown – seven days a week and 24 hours a day. For this purpose two toll-free numbers are provided for callers: 00800 5 777 7777 for trucks and 00800 3 777 7777 for vans. At the other end of the phone is a professional Service24h employee, who will deal with the matter in the caller's native tongue and will organise support to be provided by the nearest Mercedes-Benz truck workshop. In four out of five truck cases a service technician will organise assistance on the spot, so that the vehicle is back on the road in the shortest possible time.
Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts: top form assured throughout the vehicle's service life
If trucks and vans are expected to deliver top performance over their whole period of operation, then they must be kept in shape at all times, just like a high-performance athlete. The best way to do this is with Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts, as they have been perfectly aligned, in terms of quality and fit, to the individual trucks and vans. Operators who want to save on costs but not on quality choose Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts.
Predictive Powertrain Control: anticipatory cruise control can be retrofitted as of now
As of now it is possible to retrofit the anticipatory cruise control system Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) to almost all the current truck models in the Mercedes-Benz Actros, Antos and Arocs model series, allowing operators to save fuel and reduce costs. Retrofitting leads to a reduction in consumption of up to five percent. Based on a typical annual mileage of around 130,000 km in long-distance operations and a fuel saving of five percent, PPC pays for itself within eight months, depending on fuel consumption, even at the currently low fuel prices.

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