Daimler Group EBIT of 2.1 billion € in the second quarter above market expectations

Stuttgart, Jul 16, 2010
  • Mercedes-Benz Cars with an EBIT of 1,376 mil. €
  • Daimler Trucks with an EBIT of 300 mil. €
  • Increase of the EBIT-Guidance for 2010 as part of the Q2-report on July 27, 2010
Daimler AG (stock-exchange abbreviation DAI) today released its preliminary figures for the second quarter of 2010. Group revenues amount to 25.1 (2009:19.6) billion €, while Group Earnings before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) including special reporting items amount to 2.1 (2009: -1.0) billion €.
The second quarter EBIT was especially carried by Mercedes-Benz Cars. The main factors for this excellent result were a positive sales development, especially in China and the U.S., an advantegous product mix as well as better price penetration and positive exchange effects. Also, the Daimler Trucks division developed positively in the second quarter und improved its operational results. The main reason was the positive sales development in our major markets as well as measures to sustainably reduce cost.
The preliminary EBIT of each division is:
Mercedes-Benz Cars 1,376 million €;
Daimler Trucks 300 million €;
Mercedes-Benz Vans 127 million €;
Daimler Buses 79 million €;
Daimler Financial Services 171 million €.
The divisions’ revenues are
Mercedes-Benz Cars 14.018 billion €;
Daimler Trucks 5.853 billion €;
Mercedes-Benz Vans 1.977 billion €;
Daimler Buses 1.205 billion €;
Daimler Financial Services 3.322 billion €.
The Daimler Group will increase its EBIT guidance for 2010 as part of its second quarter report on July 27, 2010.
All figures are preliminary and not reviewed by the auditor.

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